Tuesday, March 27, 2012


How have i been?

the title says it all.
Also, we're gonna be shifting soon. Gaaaah.why so near exams?! =( 43 days left k. I have too short of a time to be packing *which i dread* and cleaning. Sighs. Time is just such a precious commodity, especially at the moment! 

I really hope we shift REAL SOON.. or REAL LATE. 
So chor tengggggg larh. =/
And i haven't  been able to sleep well lately.. hmm.. no idea why..and i've been having alot of stressful dreams lately. I dream alot and i usually remember what my dreams were about. But recently, i've been having those kind of dreams where you'd wake up, feeling as if you've not slept  the whole night. gaah. hate those kinda dreams.  i've been feelin rather weird lately. 

ie: when i'm driving, I have this feeling as if i am in a dream and not in the 'real world'. That feeling is so real till my mind formed the perception that if i were to crash the car right now, nothing would happen to me. I seriously have no idea where or why or how this feeling suddenly came. "So dangerous!", i know. This floating.. kinda feeling and no, i'm not on any drugs or alcohol tqvm! 

Maybe i'm just sick.
Tho this definitely doesn't feel like the normal fever,cough,flu, etc etc. 
It's something new, something i am unfamiliar with.
I've been saying this for the past 6 months.. "I think i should really go for a check-up". ahhh i will try to really go for a check up soon. Me being all weird. *wait! u've always been weird!* hahaa. Whtever lah.. i'm glad i'm different and some may say, weird in my own ways. Interpret weird however you may. But i'm definitely happy with the way I am and the person i have grown up to be thus far. =D

SO GLAD, that i am finally done with all my online legal researches and the assignments. My goodness, looking up all those citations was such a pain. *damn.. is this how it's gonna be in the future?*

- Nah.. not one bit.. it'll just be worse.

Only ending my first year of my Law Degree and here I am, already ranting.
43 days to go, now that the assignments are done with, it'll just be never ending of memorizing and writting for me.

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. But after all that is said and done, it is always Easier to climb up than to Hang on. :)

Thanks for the great de-stressing time! It's been quite a while since i've climbed!  Felt so good to be climbing all over again.  Thanks for the great day out David. =) 


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