Wednesday, March 07, 2012


So i had the chance of meeting Tyler Woodham from the US for the second time! met him back in october last year.. and he is the first person i know who plays the Mandolin! in fact, i've never even heard or seen a mandolin untill i met tyler! It didn't really attract my attention until i met him again today. Gosh the mandolin is such a beautiful instrument and i've been wasting my time watching mandolin videos when i should be studying! haha ok la. Not that bad la. Just spent the past hour watching mandolin videos.. but didn't waste the whole day doing that lah. =P

so anyways, oh gosh.. tyler has really got me hooked on the mandolin! ahhhh! i've not even master the violin and now i'm already thinking of picking up the mandolin! old habits die hard. Sighs.

Anyways.. guess what got me laughing out loud at 1.51am in the morning?
So i was watching this mandolin tutorial video.. and then i saw this comment..

wow. I dont even have a mandolin and I'm watching this. I need a life...

hahahahahahahahah! the minute i saw that comment i was like.. GOSH THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME! HAHAHAHA. maaaaaaaaans!

so funny. hahahaa. *smacksforehead*
hmm. i wonder if they actually sell mandolins here in malaysia. =D=D=D !

anyways, Tyler has really inspired me by the things he has been doing and the journey and experiences that he has shared with me.

Go to and read a few of his entries. Really inspiring, really touching. The entry that got me the most was the entry of them getting robbed when they were on mission in africa if i'm not wrong. i felt it when he shared it with us last october and i felt it all over again and this time even more when i read his blog.

time to sleep. =)



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