Monday, October 17, 2011

Thank You All. =)!

Hey all!

I've been good.. and i just want to thank everyone again.. For all the wishes presents and love! I truly feel blessed to have such amazing family and friends in My Life.. =)

I will blog about my birthday soon. But i guess one word to describe my birthday this year? Different. This year, it was different..

I've been really busy the past week! So many things going on.. and i've been busy going out.. ahahha..yes..been going out ALOT. and i guess the pass few days have been so hectic that this week i just feel so tired so easily! believe it or not, i have been sleeping pretty early since sunday. HAHA. tht ws like yday..

but yesss.. have been sleep deprived!
AND GUESS WHAT?! I finally got myself a Baju Kurung and a Punjabi suit! how cool right?! really happy about it! =D =D =D

and.. i've been deep in thoughts.. once again.
thinking and thinking.. so many questions left unanswered..

yeah i btr stop now before i go on and on and on.
will update u guys as soon as possible!
right now, my studies are starting to get pretty hectic..
i can already feel its work load and i feel as if i've not enough time!
so yeah, been pretty busy.
but since last time till now, i will always strongly hold on to the view that no matter how busy i am, i will always try to make tine for the people who are close to my heart. I really do try. and it is no excuse for me to say tht im busy. It takes effort. But it definitely shouldn't be an excuse. And I know myself, that despite how busy i am.. i definitely can spare a lil time for the ones i love..for the ones who mean something to me.

Time. Thats all its ever been..

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