Wednesday, October 05, 2011



my week since friday till today have been SO GOOD! when people ask "how are you?" i realize that after a quite a long time, i can finally actually tell them.. IM DOING GREAT! =D because i have been! i have been so so very blessed in SO MANY WAYS! i have been having such good days.. i've been meeting so many new people! SO MANY GOOD THINGS! =D!

the highlight of my week? i received an early birthday present all the way from Penang! ahhhh~! That has left me with smiles all the way up till now! i dunno about you, but whenever i received things through post, i feel sooooooo verryyyy happy! i actually really love receiving letters and all.. compared to emails, etc. it melts me! serious melting. HAHA. Now u know one of my secrets. =P its so sad that people nowadays hardly appreciates the posting system anymore! even though we are all advancing with technology, sometimes, i like to take a step back, and leave a part of me in the oldies. =P things done, the old school way~! ;) so yeah! i was SUUUPEEER happy about that! Thank you so muccchhhhs Yin Kuen! u made my week la! =)) hahaa..*hugggs!*

and on that very same day, i received a digi top up from i dunno who? someone just reloaded my digi line for me! ahhhh i feel SO BLESSED.

and i've been meeting so many new people recently! and it all started with just a smile! =)! They smile at me, i smile back, then we start talking = NEW FRIENDS! hahahaaa.. so nice la! =D

and there are like SO MANY BIRTHDAYS in october! seriously! i've so many pending birthday parties to attend! and later i'll be going out to celebrate another friend's birthday.. =)

and oh!

my dear dear beloved Didi! Dear foofoo~! even after a year have passed, u are still.. SO FOOFOO! hahaha never changed one bit! haizzz.. =P But anyways! even though i didn't get to spend your birthday with you today, I am glad that yet, for another whole year, u stayed in My Life.. and i just want to Thank God over and over for your existence in my life.. U meant and mean alot to me.. Blessed Birthday Dii! Love you still, as always. =) *HUGSSUPERTIGHT!*

So yeah! as always, October's gonna be a rocking happening month!

and tutorials just started. and it was so FUN!

Today is just.. SUCH A FUN AND HAPPY DAY!
And i thank God everyday, for giving me another day of Life in this world.


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