Friday, October 07, 2011

Human Nature..

Human nature, something i will never understand..
Why isit that Good things can be so easily erased by a bad thing?
it takes u 1000000000000000 times to earn trust, or good deeds to show ur sincerity..and ur heart.. but just ONE.. just one bad thing, can throw ALL of those 10000000000000 good stuffs, away.

erased. in a matter of seconds.

One person could've been the one helping or taking care of this person throughout..
but so happen, in a time of need, when u cannot be there.. or happen NOT to be there at that moment of need, all of a sudden, u become the person who was never there.

that is so... unfair.
and so painful..

but sadly, thats just how things roll..
and if you are unfortunate.. u get caught, in the very same position or spot, countless of times.


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