Sunday, October 02, 2011

Faith and Risks.

Hello dear readers! how did the week go for you? Mine was one, filled with thoughts. I realize how much i've been thinking and thinking and thinking about sooooo many things. Anyways, one of it, is about a blind person crossing the road.

You see, i study in a uni in brickfields and there are alot of blind people walking around everyday. And whenever i see a blind person about to cross the road, i'd always run to help them cross the road. If you dont already know, most of the time, when a blind person is crossing the road.. they'd cross and lift their walking stick in the air.. to make themselves more visible to the cars.. and cross. I dont know about you, but when i see them cross the roads like tht, every step they take, is definitely a step of Faith.

Every step, with the Faith that the cars would see them crossing and that they wont get knock down. Watching them cross the roads with such faith truly inspires me. I really admire such Faith. Why? I realize how people like us, blessed with sight and perfectly normal body functions have such lil faith. In our daily walks of Life. This generation has slowly evolved to one that lives a life of insurance. This generation hardly takes that Leap of Faith. Be it job opportunities, exposure, friendships, relationships, love, studies, you name it! Then i start asking myself these questions, I've perfectly normal sight, i've perfectly normal hands legs..etc. BUT YET! i hesitate alot in taking chances.. in grabbing opportunities.. in striving to achieve my goals and dreams. Why do we doubt ourselves so much? why do I doubt myself when i know that I have a God, whom with all things, are possible? 

The Greatest Risk in Life, Is not taking one at all ! 

So stop staying in that shell of yours. Stop staying in your comfort zone. Because when you try many things, u make many mistakes but the greatest mistake you'll ever make is trying nothing at all! It is time. So go!

Also, i've recently watched "The Stoning of Soraya M. " it was such a sad and brutal movie. But i tried putting myself in their shoes. Us, the so called civilized would think that these men were heart of stones, cold blooded and cruel to treat Us women with such little respect and gratitude. But i guess many of us fail to remember the fact that they weren't as blessed as Us to have been brought up in such a civilized background. To them, stoning may just be another way of punishing someone, like any other death penalty. I am sure that if she were to get a needle stuck into her arm as a death penalty, we wouldn't feel as angry. but what is the difference? aren't they all the same? how isit less cruel? aren't you also taking the Life of another human?

hahaa.. i wont go on. But i was thinking of alot of other things. I guess the part that really broke my heart was the part when her own sons, threw the stones at her. At that very moment, i dont think it was the pain of the stones that made her cry out, But the pain in her Heart. Her own sons, whom she gave birth to, is stoning her for something she didn't do. What can be worse than this for a mother or a parent?! then i started thinking about my parents. thinking about the times i fought back and argued back. Tho, i dont really do that la. =D but still, One of God's commandments is to Obey our Parents. Sighs, u know, nowadays, we're all a generation that speaks our mind and express ourselves, ALOT. So if we think our parents are wrong, We state the fact. Then again, Even if they are wrong, does that give us the right to argue and fight back? This is a super dilemma question for me k. I know, that no matter what, we should always listen to our parents and to always adhere to whatever they say. BUT SOMETIMES ITS JUST SO HARRRDDD!  especially when they are wrongggggg... =S hahaha but last time, if u ever argued back, sure gone case. Nowadays? we get away with it sometimes. And this is quite bad la. i think. hmm.. especially if u abuse it.

So yeah, LOADS of thinking throughout this whole week. Theres alot on my mind. alot of other things and decisions i have to make.

ANYWAYS! i just had an amaaazing day! 
In the morning, i went to Glad Tidings Sri Damansara to carry out a dance workshop! =) 

Alyssa, my uni friend invited me to her church to hold a dance workshop. =)
I had so much fun! =) i always feel very happy when i get to share my passion with others. and my talent that God blessed me with. And in return, i get to bless others too! its a priceless feeling i tell u! 

I went to GTSD today, excited to teach! and to give them a wider view of dance, the way i see dance as. And what dance is, to me. I went there, with no expectations other than to pour out whatever i knew.. =)

But after the workshop, GTSD blessed me with a generous envelope! ahhh.. I felt so touched and blessed when i received it! You guys really shouldn't have. hahaa i hope alyssa helped me thank u guys AGAIN! I had a great time today. =) thank you all for the experience! heee.. so many new friends today. =) AND THEY BOUGHT ME LUNCH! hahaa.. Felt so blessed! =) wanna know the best part? GTSD is actually the first church i ever went to. before i shifted to Bukit Jalil from Sg Buloh, i used to go to GTSD when i was.. 6-7yrs? yup! and it was in GTSD where my family accepted Christ into our lives. =) Its funny how after 12 years, I am back in this church, giving a dance workshop! HAHA! God works in mysterious ways. =D!

At night, or rather just now, i went to Kingdom City for an event which actually required tickets. But when i was at the counter, about to buy mine, the girl said.. " This ticket has already been paid for. So you can just go in. =) " WAH?! am i Blessed or AM I BLESSED?! hahaaa.. so nice lah.. =))))))))

So, Pastor Matt Fielder from Planetshakers was the Speaker of the night !

And there were dance performances and skits as well.

it was so good seeing Him again after 5 years ! 

And dear tey tey was there too! =) She invited me to this event.. =D! i had a very good time rachel! thanks for inviting me! many more events like this to come! and we shall go together in future! =)))

He is such a lovable and funny pastor la. =)
and He hugs people properly one k! hahaa.. when he hugs you, he REALLY hugs you!

dragged lil brother along as well! =) away from his exam stress for a while.. =)

So yeah! it has been, a very very good day.. and i cannot mention enough how BLESSED i am la. i really am. 

Such an Amazing day. =)


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