Thursday, October 11, 2012

True or false??

I've always held on to the principle to be true to yourself wherever you are..whoever you're with. I've always tried my best to be ONE person.. to be who i truly am whether i'm around my fans.. or total strangers..

To be who i am..whether i appear to people online.. or in real life.

How i behave when i am in church..and when i'm the world..

Because i for one could never understand how some people can be so different both in person.. and online.. be it facebook,twitter,blogs,msn.. emails..

Of course, what you share/reveal to people depends on where they stand in your lives. But otherwise.. we should always try to be true to ourselves..because in the end of the day.. you're fooling no one but yourself. So stop having split identities!

which side are you on? and who do you want to be?
it's very unhealthy to have split personalities.. just so you know.
SO CHOOSE. stop carrying this burden of being two completely different person.
Either you're this or you're that. Isn't it tiring to be someone you're not when you're around people? So why not just be who you are and stop pretending? i was once there.. i acted differently when i was around my family and when i was around friends..

i think most of us tend to treat our family with less respect than we do to outsiders. Then again, it should have been the other way round. But no.. just coz they're family, we cant treat them according to our whims and fancies. And our excuse? "coz i'm comfortable with them and hence, i can reveal my true self. "

if that is so, why dont you reveal your 'true' self to your friends as well? why? is there something you dont like about how u behave at home? if so, then change it! change it and be just.. ONE person..with ONE personality and ONE identity. You're family deserves all the respect you give to your friends and especially to your friend's parents.. in fact, they deserve more.

it was then when i tried very hard to treat my family with more respect, love and care.
And i'm still trying.. i try everyday to be better than the person i already am. Sometimes my humanity let slip my not so nice side. But i'm trying still and that counts. Better than not trying and all..that is what makes the difference. =)

and another sensitive issue would be profanity. In real life.. in person.. they speak with no profanity or whatsoever.. but the minute they are on the internet.. BAAAAM! all the kadjsadhiuaduiqwuqhwd%$$&^*&())IUSajhfkwefiwj come out. Why la? why? i know sometimes it slips as well.. but again, its the part where you try not to that makes the whole difference.

so choose.
choose who you want to be.
Be true to yourself.. and stop pretending. No one likes pretenders. I know i dont.



  1. You know. Sometimes people are not pretending.
    A person is very complex & will have different talents or intelligences.

    It is natural for people to act differently in different situations. I am guilty of that too. When I am good at something, I will share & lead. When I am not good at something, I'll shut up & learn.

    We all have our moments but some people are more manipulative than others. Those are the real pretenders.

    1. True that. =)

      but i guess this post was more of a nice person face to face and completely different person on the internet kinda post. Haha..thats what triggered the whole topic anyways..

  2. Chin Leng6:47 PM

    perhaps you never get to know that person in depth or well enough face to face. Time reveals everything about a person, not facebook, not blogs and certainly not and pictures or words of wisdom. Perhaps when you learn about a person's history, a person's family background and if he/she is a christian, you might just find that they are also, like you and i, on a journey to deny themself and to carry their cross. Some people have split identity not because they asked to be or they are faking to fit in, but because they possess a form of disability that requires our attention. Hope it helps :)

    1. yeah.. i agree that you dont actually get to know a person by just looking at their facebooks blogs pictures yadayada..

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