Thursday, October 04, 2012

Splurge You Shall.... Not!

Recently, i've been running into soooo many delicious temptations!
With the recent update in my wish list.. the urge to splurge has been following me eversince!
The motivation to start saving for things i dont need but rather..things that i want.
Not that it is much of a problem.. but sometimes.. the wants seems reaaaaalllyyy unnecessary.

Unnecessary Want = Want, no?
If it was necessary, it wouldn't be a WANT but rather, a NEED. *smacksforehead*



This lovely Evo 7 Pro. 
I've always wanted to get myself speakers just so tht i dont need to borrow dad's speakers everytime i dance in college's studio. But i never got down to buying em.. dunno why. hahaha. This evo 7 here.. the sound quality? fulaaamaaaak! love at first sight! but its size is ridiculous for me to be bringing it here there and everywhere. but the sound quality really super nice lorh! after listening to these speakers, i spoiled by em edy. Any other speakers i tried.. all not nice. =(

But i wont be buying em la. I will admit tht i was itching like crazy yday tho! Coz i just love music so muchhhh. Especially listening to good quality music. Eversince i was young, whenever i'm free, i'd just lay on my bed.. and listen to music the whole day.. or be a couch potato and listen to the radio the whole day.. Music plays such a big part in my life larh. Really.. whenever i'm angry sad happy emo yada yada~ Music is normally my relief..somehow..  not to forget how it plays a big part with regards to my passion as well. =P hahaha.. 

but yeah! thts one example. Many other examples.
But splurge..i shall not. =D 
so easy to say! But i tell you....... it is not as easy as it seems!

It's no wonder why i have the most things among my siblings. coz i constantly have these wishlists which i always end up fulfilling in the end..its all only a matter of time. I'm the kind of person where.. If i really really want something.. i can do it/ get it. I will go all out for it. instruments..taking care of my friendships..whtever it is la.. if i want it, i will do it.. i can do it.. Coz i believe that as long as you put your Heart into whatever you're doing.. You can get it/do it eventually.. its all only a matter of time. But of course, this wont be applicable to a few issues or situations ..Depends. =) AND ALSO. because...

I is very sentimental. +
i keep keep keep keep keep. +
so it pile pile pile pile pile up.

# Alot of things.


And ahhh.. My bestfriend has officially left Malaysia..once again.

3 months. Gone. Just like that.
I remember how hard it was for me last year.. with her not around. Yes, ada skype whatsapp yada yada~ but it'll never sum up as compared to the person being physically right infront of you. Especially with all the things i had to go through last year and the first half of this year.. it was such a tough time.

Twin~ I'm gonna miss you.. i know people always say that 1 year would pass by in a blink of an eye.. But we both know better than that. That many things can happen and change in just a matter of months. But i guess..

" ... do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. " - Matthew 6:34

We're in a good place now, twin. So i'm going to embrace this time as much as I can rather than waste time worrying about the what ifs and what nots... Whatever that should happen in the future.. deal with it then, we shall. =)

At KLIA. Sending the Ong siblings off.. =)

Love you twin!
Till we meet again! 



  1. Dont worry. After you pass the Bar exam & start your practice, it wont be long until you can buy whatever you WANT.

    1. Hahaha.. we'll see.. =) the starting pay of a fresh graduate isn't as great! Alot of people have a misconception about lawyers being really rich..

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