Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hi? :D

Yeeaaaaaah. so unlike me to NOT blog on my birthday.. hahaha..

guess i was just too busy to blog. Had a superrrrrr long day on my birthday. out at 7am back at 1.30am.. nooooo i wasn't partying the whole day.. i actually went for classes cell group and dance prac k. and of course.. celebrated here and there with alot of people as well.. now, you're prolly thinking how ONE person can do so many things in just ONE day!

ahahaha.. i also dunno how i do it sometimes.. how i get so busy.. sometimes i get so busy without me approving of it! It came to a point in time where the word 'busy' controlled me. I no longer had a say as to whether i want to be busy or not. I just am. somehow..someway.. no matter how hard i try to keep myself free. Has always been this way eversince.... no idea when.

but yeah, i'm really trying hard to just keep my commitments to studies and dance for now.
of course theres family friends and church. but yeah.. tryingggggggggggg!

anyways, i just wanna thank everyone who shared the 12th of October 2012 with me. =) it meant alot to me. All the wishes..calls..smses...msges...facebooks posts... twitter..whatsapp... etc... For all the prezzies.. love and care.. for the surprises!

haha.. i shall admit that no one has ever really succeeded in truly surprising me.
Why so? Cause i'm simply the best surprise planner in town! thats why! hahahahahaha~ =P
and cause i'm very observant.. to its quite difficult for ppl to sneak up surprises.. but i've been surprised before of course.. it is rare tho! rarely hardly succeeds!

but do know that whenever i smile when u guys surprise me.. it is NOT FAKE. I am truly sincerely happy.. the effort and thought that u guys put in to plan me a surprise is enough for me. =) More than enough in fact! =)) so once again! thank you my lovelies! All of you have been a great blessing in my life and i can only hope that i've been a blessing in yours as well. =)

In with the 2s, out with the 1s!
Dah tua? maybe. hahaha~

but whatever it is, i still find myself falling in love with dance more n more every single day.. =)) i'm so glad that this was not just some momentary fetish.. but truly.. a PASSION. I'm excited to see what else is in store for me in dance. cant wait for the concert!

1st of December 2012, 8pm @ UCSI, cheras.

november is going to be a very stressful month preparing for the concert!
I call it, the Survival month!
literally. literally...

and i am.. really trying to sleep early! which is.. so hard to do, for me.
so goodnight!


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