Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear Aunty Rita,

" The body will eventually die but love never dies. So, if you miss me, hold on to the Love that i have left behind. Look for me in the people that i have poured my love to. "

You were always the loudest among all the aunties and uncles.
You were the strongest.
You were the most Active.
You were the most direct person i've ever met.
You were always young at heart despite the numbers going up up and up.
You always put the needs of other before yours.
You loved people and you always opened up your house for the family to reunite.
Even when you were sick, u always baked ur chocolate cake for us.
You kept that smile of your face despite the pain and suffering u had to go through.
You stayed strong for everyone else around you.
You fought hard for your life in the last few hours of your time here on earth.
And boy is it tough to take care of 5 Guys and recently, an addition of little Jayden making it 6!
Who would've ever thought that you would be the first to leave us so soon.. ='(

But we are all proud of you, Aunty Rita.
You fought hard and you have fought the good fight.
You're the strongest person in our eyes.

It was so difficult seeing my uncle and cousins cry their hearts out.. so many times.. tough strong men that i've never seen shed a tear.. it broke my heart to see them so torn and shattered.. it broke my heart further to see my popo and kongkong so sad.. Sad that they have to see their own child leave before them.

To see my mummy cry and cry because she lost her younger sister.
I've not cried this badly in such a long time.
It was such a tough and rough week.
Today was her funeral..
a closure to this chapter..
Death in this lifetime is inevitable.
its all only a matter of time.. 
it can be anyone.. at anytime..

All the more reasons to appreciate even more the people around us.
To hold them close and treat them right.
To treasure every moment spent with them.
Take not, for granted, the people u see in your everyday life.
Only God knows what the future holds.

We all miss you dearly aunty Rita.
I hope you're in a better place now. Away from all the pain and suffering.
We love you, aunty Rita.


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