Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Its all Good.

Today i got to see the moon from my window!
What a rare sight! The moon is normally on the other side of the house.
As i came back to my shell after a long long day.. about to let the curtains down.. There it was.. right before my eyes.. a full moon shining ever so bright and pretty.. =))

I stood there and smiled like an idiot for a good 2 minutes i think.. haha..
but really.. it was so beautiful..
Sights like these.. one of the simple things in life that makes me appreciate all the more my life on earth. *happysighs* =)

Also, lately, i started appreciating once more the joy and fun in having conversations with people. It can be just about anything.. but the very fact that i get to have such a relationship with such good people? I really treasure moments like these.. and conversations like these..

Today i got to spend more time with my course mates and uni mates after class. I may see them everyday but that doesn't necessarily mean that we are spending time with each other. I just felt so happy hanging out with them today.. it was good. Just like old times.

And i am also very happy that my family dinners with mum dad and lil brother is not just about eating but we actually have proper good conversations each time we sit down and have dinner together. So glad we're not like those families who sits at the dinner table together but isolates themselves with their gadgets instead of having and treasuring good fellowship. I guess not everyone can have this privilege of spending good time with family. It isn't always like this for my family either. It comes and go and so, I hold these moments close to my heart every time it comes.

Also, i was just thinking about how i am contented with how my life is at this very moment. I have almost everything i want. Almost. I may be waiting still for certain parts of my life to light up.. but at this very moment, i am contented. Of course, i may have new wants.. *haih all these new cars gadgets and all..so tempting. * but yeah.. hahaa.. ok la.. im happy with whatever i have now.

I AM drooling over the Ford Focus tho. What an amazing car!
argh. i saw one parked right in front of my uni today. Such beauty. =P

but i love my car la.
how many 20 year olds get to proudly say that they have their OWN car?
:D i am happy. the Ford Focus will come one day. Just not now.

God's timing.... is always.... always... Perfect.   : )

And so i will patiently wait for His timing..
to bring this amazing guy into my life..
to bring me to wherever He wants me to be..
to answer whatever prayers that are still left unanswered..

and etc.
Like i said, His timing is always..


  1. Replies
    1. haha why?! i think its quite an amazing car.. such a smart car.. =)

    2. I always had the impression that you'd go for a hipper car like Beatle or Mini.

    3. hahahaha.. beatle?! nah. Mini, yes. =)

      well, if i ever get the chance, i'd get a baby blue mini. maybe the 4 door one instead of the 2 door one. i fetch way too many ppl. =.=!

      but i dont know, this new liking for focus is recent!
      still really love the Satria GTI tho.. the old one.. dont like the new satria.. =/

    4. Yes. The Satria would be a great start! =)

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