Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Let them Love You for You.

Realized today how a lot of people these days have double identities everywhere they go.
Some people try too hard to be loved.
They try too hard to fit in.
And it saddens me to witness so.

I am one who believes that you need not try to gain the love of others. For it is not something you earn.. it is something that is true..sincere and genuine from the heart.

If people love you, they will love you for who you are. Period.

Why try to get the love of people who looks at your looks.. love that you have to earn?

Such love, in my humble opinion, is not even worth having.
It may be a lonely road for a while.. but be patient enough and the true friends.. the true people.. will come along. The ones who would Love you regardless of the flaws that you may possess.

The ones who would Love you for YOU.

Just be WHO YOU ARE. Whoever you are with.. wherever you are.. because in the end.. you are fooling no one but yourself. You  are hurting no one.. but yourself.
Would you want to wake up one day.. finally realizing that all the people whom you call 'friends' are actually people who just hang out with you solely to squeeze you dry of your cash.. or to take advantage of you in whatever ways.. would you? It would be by far, heart breaking.

It would overwhelm you. It would make you lose faith in all of humanity. It would kill your self esteem..of whatever that is left. It would numb you. It would make life, one that is even more lonely than you could've ever imagine. It would make you want to isolate yourself from all man kind.

I have always told myself this principle that i've kept close to me eversince i was a kid up till to date.

" It is always better to have ONE TRUE FRIEND.. than to have 100 FAKE FRIENDS. "

Growing up, i moved about a lot. I always had to make new friends. To fit in. Over.. and over..

At first I would try. But the minute i realized that this wasn't working.. instead of forcing myself to laugh at jokes that i didn't find funny.. or to try to keep up with whatever alien topics they were chit chatting about.. I would rather eat alone and sit alone during recess time.. than to TRY to be someone I am not.

It wasn't easy. Being alone. It felt pathetic. Lame. sucha Loner. It felt bad. But i stuck strong to my principle and guess what? The right friends came along after a while.. they always do. =) It was always just a matter of time.

What i'm trying to say is..
Just be who you are.
Stop trying so hard!
Love is not one to earn but one to receive.
One to be given because you want to.
Love is suppose to be unconditional.
And if you're in a position where you have to EARN the love you want?

You will be far better off without such people in your life.
You deserve the truth. You deserve sincerity. & You deserve LOVE.

Let Them... Love You for who You are.


PS: It's Aunty Rita's birthday today. Checked out her facebook profile just now..looked back at all her pictures. It still breaks my heart.. whenever she crosses my mind. I still miss her so dearly and i'm sure my cousins and uncle do too. ='( I hope you're in a better place now aunty rita. We all miss you still.. and we still think about you..


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