Monday, April 01, 2013


Hey guys! Yeah yeah I know.. 2 very emo posts lately.. I try not to but sometimes I just have to blog it all out.

Guess what?
Revision classes crazy as usual. What made it more crazy this week? The lecturer suddenly decided to give us an assignment that was to be handed in on Sunday morning. He told us about this on Friday night.. Yes I had class on Good Friday till 9pm.. =|
And I had class the whole day on Saturday.. Until 7pm. So technically, we only had Saturday night to get it done and I tell u.. After a whole 8 hours of class.. U would want to have nothing to do with Law for the next few hours.

Anyways.. It was quite a challenge for me as I didn't really know my cases an law that thoroughly over tht area and sighs was having writer's block for like 2hours. =( Long story short, I ended up staying up doing the assignment n slept at 5am. Suppose to wake up at 7am plus to get ready for church! Easter! Plus Benroy was performing so.. Yah.. Can't miss it! But guess what? Me woke up late! D; and I missed church! Ahh! First time of not spending Easter in church. :( was quite upset about it.. So was Benroy cz I missed his performance =/
Couldn't go for second service either coz I had class. Bummer.

But anyways! I handed in my assignment and I was proud of me! So many people gave up and went to bed. I'm glad I stuck through it and finished what I started.

The comments on fb were really encouraging as well! I'm so blessed to have such encouraging friends.. :)

EPIC story of the day.

I was thrown a mistaken surprise birthday party today!
Yep. It happened. True story. I tell u no lies!!

Haha. Gosh! It was so funny!! I was so confused when they brought in the birthday cake and started singing the Happy Birthday song! I was like what? Whaaaat? What's going on? Whose birthday is it?! Hahahha.
They have mistaken my birthday to be in April.
I was especially confused when I received ang pows. LOL.

How often does this happen to just about anyone?!
= Like never!

Hhahahahaha. But it was fun and funny and just EPIC!
Alright. Time to get my beauty sleep. So sleep deprived right now. @.@ zombieeee ness.


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