Monday, April 15, 2013

Ello wello~!

Hey guys! how's it going?

I know the recent posts hasn't been much fun to read..
but i guess.. i do have to let it all out somewhere..
And truth be told, i haven't been having the best start of April..
But i guess i'm just trying to look ahead, move forward and think positive *i try* each day..

Guess what guys?
29 Days left till the Big day!
Yes. 29 Days!

The number has gone down to 2! :O
Gosh time is flying and indeed time is waiting for no maa...woman!
How is my progress? Tbh, i am more worried this year than i was last year..
The subjects and  bulk this year is just overwhelming.. and i've never felt so short of days as I am feeling now. We finished our syllabus later this year.. and i feels really horrible when we end up getting books that we were suppose to get at the start of the year only ONE month before the exams!

Can u imagine how stressful is that?
Yes. We just got 3 new books for evidence. Due to miscommunication, the boss just found out that we only got 2 books for evidence and so now..all of a sudden.. 3 new books! and they aren't exactly thin okay?! ONE MONTH. aihs....howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww???!


I am definitely trying my utmost best to finish up and cover whatever I can with whatever time I have left... but one thing is for sure.. Things aren't getting any easier.. I guess, i have never felt so unprepared before.. time is just simply.. not enough. It really isn't. 1 years worth of Law syllabus in 6 months.

Tell me that isn't stressful.

On a brighter note.. i've been able to study with a study buddy these pass few weeks and it feels really Good studying with someone again.. especially after my twin left to London.. =/

But yes.. that is definitely a happy thing for me.. to be able to study with a friend.. quite consistently.. because i find studying outside of home waaaay more productive than when i do at home.. Too many distractions + Oven room. Oven room like no ones business.

So yesh!
Please pray for me.
Haihs. Stress sampai nak...

i shall just leave that sentence hanging.

I hope I can cover all in time! =/

Stress & Emergency Mode.. ON.

PS: I really miss dancing. =( Can't wait to be back in my dancing shoes!


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