Monday, April 08, 2013


For everything.. and with everyone.. I have always been the one to initiate.
Of course.. i purposely choose not to initiate in some situations for my own reasons.

But otherwise...
I have always been the one initiating for everything and with everyone.
So much so, people tend to take that part of me for granted.
When I say, I will do.
But most people just say.. but wait for others to do.
And sometimes it just gets really frustrating when everyone has the attitude of..
 " ohh.. nvm la.. let Celine do..let Celine plan.. she will do it one. "

Cut me some slack?

And then theres relationships and friendships.
Always. ALWAYS. I'm the one to initiate..
conversations.. hang outs.. meet ups... to keep in touch..

Makes me wonder really..

What if I stopped initiating? What then?
We'll just end up losing touch & drift apart?
Well actually yes, it HAS happened.. The ones whom i refrained from initiating any longer? We've become acquaintances or hi bye. :D yay.

What happened to ' it goes both ways?'

Oh.. nah la.. this saying is not applicable when you're friends with Celine.
=D she'll do everything. Dont you worry.

Story of My Life.

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