Friday, February 22, 2013

Stress. So stress.

80 days till my first paper for Finals.

80 DAYS!

And i still feel so far behind. This is.. a shitty feeling.
A very shitty feeling.

And i feel like i've so much to do in such a short time. Sighs. =(
Gotta choreo z dance that i'll be teaching on Sunday.
Was invited to teach in a church..
And gotta achieve a stunt/trick by sunday or else i'll be treating the whole crew to dinner..
And i have to.....
sighs. so many things. feel so tired just thinking about it.

Summore pastor karen just called.. asking me to join them for the Easter Presentation in March. I think, i'll have to pass on this one. Just saw my revision table and it's caraaaaazieeeeeeeee!

i have classes on saturdays from 1-7pm and on SUNDAYS from 10am - 5pm.
And that's just the weekend classes. There are weekday classes as well.
It's that time of the year again. That crazy isolation from the world period.
I have to, if I wanna maintain my grades or get BETTER results than last year. I cannot NOT do well. My second year grades can determine my whole degree's end result.
This is scary.

Oh Life.
Why are you so complicating and difficult?



  1. Poor you. You must be under a lot of stress! hahaa~~
    PRIORITIES. Look at the big picture. What do you want in the end. What is the most important to you? If it is important enough, you will make the necessary changes to achieve it.
    You've been an excellent student all this while. I'm sure you'll do your best again! =D

    1. YESSSS I AMMMM. =(

      I told myself that this year would be different. That i will try to make myself more free and available because i suffered like crazie last year. But to no avail, here i am once more, in the very spot i was a year ago. T_T feeling all out of time and helpless. That drowning feeling. Sighs.

      I really hope i do better this year!
      I'm really aiming for a First Class so that i dont have to pay back ptptn. But a Second Upper is the minimum. So demanding of myself, i know.

    2. Your targets are spot on but sometimes you need to learn to say "That sounds like a great thing to do but I respectfully decline because I want to focus on what I am doing now."

    3. *hugsback* =( yeah.. that's what i've been trying to do.. i actually said no to quite a lot this year.. but somehow, still so busy. Hmm.. it's okay.. i'll just have to make do with whatever time i have left. keep me in your prayers kays? xiexie ni~


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