Monday, February 11, 2013


Hi everyone!
How has your chinese new year been thus far?! =))
I didn't exactly have a good start to my CNY. but all is well now! =)
Been able to spend HEAPS of time with grandma these pass few days..
and i'm just so happy to see some family issues and conflicts being put aside,thrown away or buried this festive season. It makes me happy. =)

I just wanted to share something with you that has made me really happy recently.

I've been meeting quite a few people recently..well, both new and old friends.. but the point is.. they've been encouraging me in ways they cannot see. You see, i go through a lot for my age.. and most of the time, i am the one people come to with their problems.. Because of that, it is difficult for me to go to just about anyone when i'm having my own set of problems because i'm usually the one cheering up and comforting people. And hence, not many people get to play that role in my life because i'm normally the one playing that role to the people in my life.

So how?

Haha. well, i normally go to my best friend of course. But if she's busy.. i'll handle it myself. Yes.. i always somehow, end up advising... well.. Me. LOL. *nohhh im not a creep who talks to myself.................... =X * but anyways, i always give time, time. And whenever i start to get over all the emotional moments.. I somehow always have these really good advises and sayings and what nots coming to me.. to help me get back up on my two feet.. and to continue from where i left off.  Where does this come from? Well, i'd think, from God. =) But anyways, i usually blog about them to remind future me..or to advise future me in whatever future problems i might face.. or post statuses.. tweets.. and wht nots. And guess what? Not knowing untill recently, that these things that i post to help me, have in fact helped so many others to get through their rough patch! :O 

I met this girl recently from church at a party. There was once where Pastor Karen had suddenly spontaneously called me up during church service to give my opinion on prayer i think. About why we should still pray if God already knows everything?
 And i dont know how, but i ended up talking for a good 20 minutes i think. LOL. or 15minutes. But u know what? This girl that i met.. it went like this..

"Hi! i'm ****.. nice to meet you! You're Celine right? "
C : Hey! yeah! i'd u know?! 
"I remember your talk on prayer in church long time ago and it was really good. I've kept what you said with me since that day till now.. I still remember what you said.. :D "

Wow..... i was astonished! I can't exactly describe how i felt at that very moment.. but it meant alot to know that whtever i said had actually impacted at least ONE life in that big congregation. That, is enough for me. =') and this was the start of the many many others who randomly came up to me to tell me that whtever i posted etc, had helped them in many ways. 
My couzie also recently quoted this piece of advise that i gave to her YEARS back..and told me that she held on to it and how it has recently helped her get through a rough patch in her life.

It may seem lil to some of you.. but all these lil things really do mean alot to me. Knowing that my words shared have helped this many people.. u know.. thinking it may help and ACTUALLY KNOWING is quite a big difference. hahaha.
but wow.. yes.. so to all of you who have randomly came up to me recently.. or you know, said a by the way thing to let me knw tht i've helped u in some ways through your rough times.. I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing with me. =') This has in return helped me to get back up and to have my head held up high again.. To continue on from where i left off.. and to just keep moving forward! 

Touched. Blessed. Happy.

Here's another piece of advice for future Me. =P

The truth is, Cykm, Many people will be jealous of your Success. Many will root for your downfall. But dont let this get to you! Because you are a strong..tough cookie. Your whole life, you have chosen to take the negativity people have TRIED to use against you to change make you fall.. to make you give up..and change it into a MOTIVATION instead, to push yourself to do prove them wrong.. and to show them who is BOSS!
And whether you'd like to see it this way or not, these people have somehow contributed to get you to where you are today. If not for their bad treatment.. you wouldn't have push yourself this hard. So carry on this attitude and you will go far in Life! =)) 

Dear readers... whenever people throw negativity at you.. It can go two ways..

No.1 : Give in to their negativity..sob..cry..drown in self pity and disappointment and pain..


No.2 : Get your game ON..and show them who's BOSS!

Because in the end, it is YOU who decide how you want to lead your Life. 

Happy Chinese New Year once again!

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