Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stranger with a Kind Heart.

Today, i experienced a very kind act from a total stranger.
Nothing big.. just a simple act.. but it totally made me smile for sure.

I had to cash in a cheque for my brother and I..
but it was my first time at attempting to do so with an ATM machine..
I stood in front of the ATM machine.. with a lot of thoughts rushing through my mind..
" do i need an ATM card for this? how do i do this? Gosh.. there's someone behind me..nooooooooo i don't wanna make him wait.. feel so dumb.. skljdfsoidjfiowjk... should i just let him go first? u know what..i'll just ask for help.. yes.."

*turns around and looks at him with the 2 cheques in my hand*
" Hi.. I .. i.. i.. i've never... i don't.. .. "

This old bald man with white hair.. just smiled and said.. " Here,come, let me help you.." and he steps forward and starts working his magic. hahahaa..
He taught me slowly and patiently..
He was so nice.. so kind..
I felt so happy because he was being so nice.. and i kept saying 'thank you' like a gazillion times! x)

"Thank you.. i've learnt something new today.. :) "
- Good good.. so next time there may not be an old man here to help you..
"No, next time, i'll be helping someone else instead.. =) "

And he just smiled.. While nodding his head, he shook his index finger up and down and said.. 'That is good.'

I don't know about you, but lil simple acts like these can make my day..
It's a joy to know that kind hearts DO exist despite the corruption this World is now going through..


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