Saturday, April 21, 2012

Naza Bestari ( Peugeot 206)

guess what guess what guess what?!!!!!

As i was driving to college today.. A really charming car caught my attention! I couldn't help but notice it's presence on the road! At first glance.. i thought it was a satria.. And if u dont already know, Satria has  always been my dream car ever since i was 8 years old! 

"The minute i get my license, my first car will be a satria.. and after i get rich, i will buy myself a Harrier " AND YES THAT LITTLE GIRL'S DREAMS STILL REMAINS VERY MUCH INTACT! 

So anyways~ 
I suddenly realized.. EH EH? there are FOUR DOORS! :O?! So i drove at a consistent speed to have a closer look at it.. Ohh.. Peugeot? Omgosh! Peugeot has a car that looks exactly like the Satria?! AND THERE ARE FOUR DOORS!  FOUR! *gassp!!!* couldn't wait to get home to look up the car! took me a while till i finally found out what model it was! and guess what?! 

Found out that Naza has actually renamed this car Naza 206 Bestari, the Naza- Badged version of the Peugeot 206. Naza is the distributor for Peugeot cars in Malaysia along with a few other brands i.e. ferrari, maserati,harley-davidson, ducati, kia and many more.
The Peugeot 206.
This is the one i saw on the road today! And the exact same colour!
But the one i saw had spoilers like the Naza 206 Bestari but with the Peugeot logo.
Oh gosh.. 

Love at first sight i tell u! 
It's so sexy and hansome in a cute way!
Okay.. maybe more cool than cute!

but oh boy am i excited!

If you're wondering, did u manage to get a satria when u got your license then?

Answer: No.
Why?  : Because my parents said that all the satrias are now REALLY old and its not worth buying if its gonna give you loads of problems.. =( My dreams were crushed! ahhh... 
Why not get the Satria Neo then? : I'm really picky and i think the Satria Neo is ugly. 
It looks the same.. : No it doesn't! the old satria.. especially the GTI one looks waaaaay better compared the Neo ones.

No doubt, the satria is a two door-ed car.. but i seriously didn't mind.. My childhood dream car la! 2 doors less wouldn't stop me. Then again, i fetch alot of people around.. especially my grandma who is really picky about where she sits and which side she sits on. And no, the satria would be the worse car if i were to drive her around. So yeah.. a few solid reasons why i shouldn't get the satria.. and so.. even though i've finally accepted reality.. i never stopped thinking about owning my own satria one day.. Oh how i eyed every satria i saw on the road.. with envy.. wishing it was mine.

PEUGEOT 206!!!!!! 

 I'm in love.
yes i'm in love.
i suddenly feel as if a dream that seemed destined to be left untouched..
could now be a possibility all over again!
So happy today! i was so excited.. i started telling everyone about this car!
HAHAHAA. And thats exactly what i'm doing right now! =D!
Best part? It's price, OTR is RM45,900, interest 3% 9yrs.
like myvi price! :O!!!!!
ok la.. actually its way much more expensive compared to a myvi.. because i read up abit and found out that parts in Malaysia are pretty expensive...
 but but still! a possibility! =D!
Now now, who ever said only guys drool over their dream cars?!

Me is your living proof! =D
haha. Since i'm so hyped up.. i shall end this post with another story that might be kindaaa embarrassing.. but who caressss!?

As i approaced the lockers outside the Library.. I suddenly realized this cute guy in red, an unfamiliar face, smiling at me. Of course, a natural reaction would be to Smile back and that is exactly what  i did. What i tried to do. What i wanted to do. What i thought i was gonna do. As i was smiling halfway *yes, it is possible to smile halfway* i suddenly held back and my halfway smile went back to a normal.. facial expression.. then the guy, maybe feeling embarrassed or maybe.. had the.. "gosh so unfriendly/fierce/etcetc" feeling or impression of me. The minute i reached my locker and stood beside him.. a train of thoughts was flooding my head!!

" WHAT WAS THAT?! a halfway smile?! REALLY?! *facepalm 99*"
"Ahhh..he probably thinks i'm a super unfriendly person now.. but i'm not! D: "
"WHY DIDN'T U SMILE BACK???????????! gaaaaaaaaah.."
"TALK TO HIM! GO! he's just beside you.. REDEEM YOURSELF.. NAAAAO! "
*Which I obviously did not do... Sigh...*

yes yes dont laugh.. those were some of the thoughts that kept bombarding my mind.
And then.. i saw him walk into the library.. i wont lie.
I went into the library after taking my books etc, hoping to see him again.. with the hope of our eyes meeting again just so that i can make it right this time and smile back. With the hope of changing the impression that might have been pinned against me. But to no avail, the guy in red was no where to be seen.. or maybe he was on the other side of the library.. idk.. but one thing is for sure..

I couldn't get the " Why didn't you smile back?!" sentence out of my head for quite a while. hahahaa.. *smacksforehead* oh boyyy.. the sampat side of me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i introduce to you.. THE SAMPAT SIDE OF CELINE! =D
Ceh wah.. didn't know i quite the shy weih!
The only reason why i did the halfway smile was proooobably totaaaally because i was Shy. =/

I didn't know i was that Shy! ahh.. *blush*

See.. i quite shy one okay.. one more weird combination to the complicated personality.

i gtg edit my assignment again. Sighs.. suppose to only write till about 2000 words but i overshot by 500 words. rawr.. minimum word limit i understand la.. but maximum too?! *shruggs*



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