Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Celebrity Moment. =P

Hello! =)
I'm sho tired.. i just got home from class and it's 10pm.. was in college from 10am -10pm! lifeless much? yeah pretty much. hahaa...

ANYWAYS, since i'm so tired.. i decided to share my 'celebrity moment' with you. It is really embarrassing but hey, i like to keep my blog as real as possible =) That's why i'd usually blog exactly the way i'd say it in real life.. though of course you are deprived of my many sound effects and facial expressions that you'd normally get when you have a face to face conversation with me, it's good to know that my friends can actually tell how i'd actually say it in real life when they read me entries. =D Sho yes! here it goes.

I decided to get all dolled up, with high heels and all.. and recently, i've been TRYING REALLY HARD.. still am trying actually.. to win some cash from the SUPA HIRO game that is going on on So as i walked from Sentral to my college, I took another route..a nicer route..where i'd be surrounded by Tall buildings everywhere.. with clean roads.. under the blue sky instead of the dusty polluted air that you'd get if you took the underground route.. Being really kan-ciong about the cue to call for the SupaHiro game, i put on my headphones as i walked to college. *which i usually/try not to do..coz its dangerous* Then this song called "Part of Me" - Katy Perry started playing on It is SUCH a girl power motivating song! And before i knew it.. I was lip syncing to the song and started walking in a very.. how do i put it? Macam Yes way. HAHAHA. oh gosh.. what a description. But i cannot think of the word nw la! its just not coming to me.. hahaa.. ANYWAYS.. i started walking in a very "Macam Yes" way as if i was being shot in a MTV for the song. HAHAHAHAHA! and when I realized what i was doing, i couldn't help but laugh at myself! HAHA. but the funniest part was that i STILL CONTINUED to walk and act as if i was role playing for Katy's MTV. ahahaaaa! So tak malu kan?! hahahahaha! It's just one of those moments when you're all dressed up, u feel good, u have ur head held high, its a nice and sunny day, and suddenly this girl power song starts to play and u just get SO LOST IN THE MOMENT!

oh come onnnnnnnn. You SO TOTALLY have had your celebrity moments too! Pfft. =P Be it in the shower, in your car, while you're jogging, when you feel good.. whatever it is, I AM PRETTY've had your 'celebrity moments' before! yes thats as much as i'm gonna share before i further embarrass myself! =P no more no more. enough. =PP

ok la.. actually..after i continued doing that..because i was so lost in the moment, walking and strutting like some model.. i didn't really look where i was walking and yada yada and so... i tripped.. and fell.................

hahaaaaa.. didn't la.. if i did, it'd be such a typical movie scene! hahahaahhaa. Thank God nothing like that has ever happened to me thus far.. hahaa.. i definitely do not hope it'd ever happen to me =P. Ok now, for all of you who are going.. "Ya right.. u so totally tipped! " HAHAA. u know me so well.. yes i did.

hahaa no i'm serious..  i did not.

* dang it.. so did she tripped or did she not?! *

hahaa it's so fun messing with your thoughts..


So how are my preparations for exams? Honestly? I've been struggling to stick to my revision plan because of the crazy revisions that are going on in college.. =( this whole week, this lecturer from UK have been revising Public Law with us and our classes usually end around 9.30pm. So yeah.. finding it pretty difficult to sort my time out. I have classes on Saturday and Sundays too.. Saturdays.. 10am - 7.30pm.. Sundays.. 9.30am - 4.30pm. After class.. i feel so tired and drained i just dont feel like revising anymore after tht. i just feel like resting. But following my FEELINGS is a very very bad thing especially when exams are only 28-27 days away.

*Big Sighs*

anyways, sides that, this lecturer very funny lah. hahaha.. he doesn't know how to operate his laptop that well.. according to him, he only knows how to on and off his laptop. everytime he comes to class, when he have issues with his powerpoint or laptop, i pulak have to go help him. Why me? Because i sit infront and on the first day, when he asked for help, no one went i went and help.. and eversince then! everytime got technical problem.. everyone looks at me! when he say.. "Ahh i gotta get the technician..where do i find them? " he's actually referring to the staff of my college.. but NOOOO.. everyone looks at me!

And it was very obvious today because when he asked where he could find the tech guy, one guy went " Eh wheres that lady? " and he went " oh no no i cant keep bothering her all the time! " LOL. then my friend went.. LOL YOUR NOW KNOWN AS THE TECHNICIAN! ur the class monitor *like, who gets elected as the monitor in Uni?! NO ONE! but i appear to be an exception =.=... * you're the calendar countdown.. *calendar countdown?! REALLY?! haha too much lah u! ish.. Coz my lecturer always ask me how many days left till exams.. =.=..........* and she said a few other stuffs but i cant seem to rmb.. hahaha..calendar countdown.. what is this lah?! ishh ish..

and i'm actually feeling super uncomfortable at the moment because I, being someone who was brought up to not waste food.. finished my friend's milo ice during dinner.. and i now have an upset tummy! =(( and it was SO SWEET, it gave me breathing difficulties now.. gah. =( such a champion. i especially hate the feeling of wanting to vomit but then again, you dont want to? its like stuck in the middle, not going up not going down.. not digesting but not throwing it out either.. rawr! horrible feeling i tell you! *manjasadpuppyface*

So thats all for now!
i've to finish EC LAW today whether i like it or not! rawr!



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