Monday, April 16, 2012

Jotta. A

He's only 12.
Makes me evaluate myself.

Anyways! u should really check out his other two videos that i really like..

Jotta first captured my attention through this video.. =) amazing talent i tell you! gave me goose bumps!

It's amazing to see how bold he is, worshiping God on national tv without being ashamed!

I admire his boldness and courage.
I admire his passion and love for God.

PS: and yes i know! u have to first pause my blog's music. =P sorry! just a teensy bit maa faan. =D but u enjoy my blog songs right right right? hee. =D

update u when i can! i've been slacking waaaaay too much! actually, not slacking, just REALLY busy cleaning and yada yada~

soon soon!


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