Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Month of Change.

Alot has happened in April. Both good and bad.
I'd update you in detail in time..but on a brief note!

Here are some of the Good changes. =)

- I FINALLY have a room to myself! *u've no idea how good it feels to have ur own space and place in the house. =)*
- Didn't end up shifting because of negotiations done with z owner..
- No longer hold a P license! =PPP *saya dah grow up! =D* hahaha..
- I may be the owner of a super cute toy poodle called Teddy. ^.^ !!!
- Guess who has FINALLY saved enough to buy her OWN car?

yeaaaah babeeehhh~!!! Thats right thats right! I've finally saved enough to buy myself a safe and proper car to drive! The kancil was just.. in a REALLY bad shape.. bad bad shape. The breaks are almost not working and thats just one of the few problems of the kancil.

It just feels SOOO GOOD! to have earned and saved up for your very first car! Pure sweat and effort! And tadaaaaaa~! The results? SO WORTH IT! =) Nothing can ever compare to the feeling of earning the stuffs you buy. =)) You can call them YOURS.. without any strings attached.. It's not a new car! (yes i am not that rich) But nevertheless! it's still a better car! I'm the second owner of this car. =D

The feeling of independence is just immeasurable.

Sides that, I've been crazy busy, as you can see because of my upcoming finals in just 13 days! =S! 13 DAYS! please do keep me in your prayers. I cannot do this without God. I cannot..

And AFTER exams, i'll be crazy busy too! i'll be performing in Genting, for Genting itself, for 7 days! It's like a show where visitors at Genting can come in to watch. I dont know if it's free admission though! But! this i must say, is very exciting! Although i'll have to learn up 10 different sets of routines in a very limited time because i've exams, i cant join them at practice, i have to practice myself when i'm taking a break from my books. But i know it'll be worth it! This will totally bring my dance experience to a whole new level! I am truly blessed because of the doors God is opening for me. Plus, my stay there for a week plus meals are all covered! =D! I've always wanted to go up to Genting with a group of friends and now, this plus a totally new experience is in store for me! 2 wishes to be answered? You bet! =)

Not forgetting the fact that i'd finally have the opportunity to dance and PERFORM with my dance teacher! Also with a few of his crew members! This is such an honor! When a student finally gets the chance to perform, side by side with someone who you look up to? Definitely an opportunity i will not let pass by!

Okay i will stop here. that was totally NOT brief. heh. =P

I wont deny the immense stress that i am feeling along with some other feelings that brings me down.

But it is always better to speak of the Good things than the bad. Aye? =)


Great things are in store for me and i am very excited! 


  1. Awesome news!
    Hopefully it's nothing risqué. hahaha~~~

  2. risque in relation to the routines? hahaa.. Dont think so.. =) maybe here and there.. i've no idea what the other routines are like yet.. =S