Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hyper Street Dance Competition !

Hey y'all!

So yes. I have been very busy because of HSDC! soooo busy juggling practices and my studies plus personal responsibilities. Haven't been getting enough sleep and rest and even fell sick.. hahaha.. gosh. But it was all worth it. It always is. So after i taught Follow Me, dance, i told myself, "this will be your last commitment till after your exams!" YEAH RIGHT. hahahaha..not long after my dance teacher asked if i'd like to join HSDC. My brain went " HOR dont u dare say yes!" and my heart went " come on! what better way to start 2012 than to start it with your first dance competition of the year?! come onnnnn~! " And thus! i agreed! haha.. and told myself.. "No, seriously, this one, LAST. or else...... " yes, i talk to myself. dont give me that look, u prolly do it too! pfft! =P
And that is how i ended up being the crew leader of a newly formed crew, HyperActive Zone! =)

Coached by Celica ( Katoon Network )
Even though he was SO BUSY, he still dedicated whatever free time he had, to choreograph a routine for us and coach us.

I got to have a taste of the life of a full time dancer. The crazy odd hours, the screwed up meal times and sleeping hours. These are facts of the life of a full time dancer that people dont get to see. My teacher's lifestyle is so unhealthy lah. sometimes he dont sleep for 2 whole days with 30mins naps here and there. Its so bad for the body. *wow look whose talking about bad sleeping habits. genius right? ahahaha.. * SO ANYWAYS.

im serious, he was so busy because he had his own crew to commit to, he was sending not only us, but another 2 teams as well to this competition. They're from my dance studio as well.. 

He'd go for his performance, drop by the studio at night to teach the Kids team, then teach the duet team, and then finally our team. Lil bro and I even had to go to his house at like 12 midnight several times to learn the choreography from him. We danced outside his house, on the road. Yeps. He'd eat his lunch at 7pm. yes. LUNCH. 7pm. and then teach us all the way up till early early in the morning. 

Gayyyy much!
We also danced in the rain once. hahaa. that was crazy but memorable. All these times spent training was just really tiring and crazy but definitely memorable. I remember how i'd be so crazy tired the next day but with God's strength and help, i managed to pull through and juggle both studies and dance. =) I remember how i'd go to the library to study and do my notes for a few hours before dance prac at night.. crazy tiring. But look! i'm still here. =)

Celica, dear celica, You've inspired me and taught me so many things and valuable lessons that i will always keep close to my heart. Not only things regarding dance, but things regarding life as well. He's part of a crew that is  famous in Malaysia. Won battleground, TWICE! but yet, he stays still, so humble. Whenever we promote his name or give him credit etc, he'd say, " eh dont, i wanna keep a low profile. " Because of ur modesty, i admire and look up to you even more. =) 

He didn't need to choreograph for us. He could've just asked us to compete and to go, but no. He committed and dedicated himself. You can distinguish a dedicated teacher from one that is not and i tell you, He is definitely one dedicated teacher. He need not do all these. But he did it anyway. Why? he wants to see us grow. does that in anyway benefit him? maybe in some small ways, yes. But overall, it's all for us. 

And Celica, i'm pretty sure that each and every single one of us are very proud,blessed and honored to have a teacher like you. =) Ok ok i better stop talking about you before you fly and kembang. HAHAHAHAHA.

The Yappies! =)
Meet Eleven and Seven. Yes. Their real names are See Eleven and See Seven. No jokes!
and their sister? Rious. So her name is See Rious. :O!
haha u know, up till now, i still feel so weird when i ask questions like these.. " Seven! how is eleven? " *pause* wow.. that sounded so weird. hahahaa...

So we went there, didn't know what to expect. OH BEFORE THAT. omgosssssh. this is the first time in my life i didn't sleep for 27 hours lor! on the 17th, after public law class, i went home, fetched brother, and had dance prac from 10pm all the way up till 12 noon the next day! why? because that was the only time Celica was free. so we had to follow his crazy odd hours. So yeah we danced for 14 hours. of course we had rest here and there but we didn't sleep! Mmhmm.. crazzy? YES CRAZY. hahahaa that was probably my most tiring experience EVER in my dance history! 

So yes, we went there, and was shocked to see quite a few crews that we'd label, professionals. I didn't know they'd come and compete in such a small competition! hahaa.. maaaans. okay lah, maybe this competition was bigger than we had expected. So yes, we just went there, and decided, you know what? we're just gonna give it our best.
Edupark Plaza Dance Academy family! =)

Thank you Dennis for coming to support! =)

Vi vien :)
Kurisu ( FIX )

2 out of the 3 Judges on that day.

So in the end, we didn't get into top 3. But it's alright. We did our best. =) and most importantly, we gained valuable lessons that money cannot buy. Got to meet alot of professional dancers that day. managed to get feedbacks from all of them and became friends with them as well. =D

Bobby ( FMC )

Jackson Boogie J

The guy who organized this competition. He's from Raydio Dance Studio.

Yuki and Ying.
HyperActive Duet~!

I had a really good time. This was a really good exposure and journey. =) Way to kick start my 2012? =)
You bet. ;)

Dearly Beloved shoes.. we've had a great journey of sweat,smellyness,hardcore training and dancing together. Part i wish we never had to, but this shall be our last competition and performance together. So long!
I know in the picture it looks fine but its not! hahaa. it's in terrible condition and it can no longer protect my feet = it no longer serves its purpose. =P

So anyways, Thank you Ban Ho, Jon, Seven and Eleven for ur effort and dedication to this crew and to this competition. Thank you for bearing with me and for encouraging me throughout this process. It has been a memorable journey. =))

Thank you Ms.Chen for opening your studio to us when we needed it for practise and when we got kicked out from my college's studio. =.=! Thank for your time and generosity! we appreciate it alot!

Thank you all my family and friends who prayed for us and who constantly supported and encouraged us! I appreciate it alot alot alot! =)

And to end this entry, If you have not already seen our Competition piece, let me introduce you to... *drumrolls* HYPERACTIVE ZONE!



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