Monday, February 06, 2012


Its so amazing how powerful prayer can be.
We just dont realize it. Or rather, we take it for granted.
some may say, coincidence. But some may choose to have faith and believe.

but whatever those signs were,
I'll wait on You Lord, more than the watchmen wait for the morning.

I've always been wanting to share this part of a poem that my friend has written called " The Flower "
This paragraph really caught my attention and still does, every single time i re-read the poem. but u know what, i might as well share the whole poem. hahaa. here you go,

"The Flower" by Jarod Yong. =)

There is a flower particular as can be
Not a flower you’d commonly see
She beams just like the sunlight
She warms the world just right

There is also a busy bee
From work be so weary
She’ll look into his eyes
And she’ll tell him no lies

They danced in lovely weather
It’s short their time together
A moment to remember forever
Depart he wished he’d never

Though the busy bee must go
Oh how he’ll miss her so
In time they’ll meet again
In meadows and summer rain

Beautiful wasn't it?
My personal favourite? paragraph 3 and 4. =)


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