Sunday, January 15, 2012

The start of My 2012. =)

Hey all! =)
SO! I know i promised to blog about the Christmas Party that was done in my College but i seriously had NOOO time weih! hahahaa..even all the pictures are still stored up in the December 9 folder, left untouched! I've yet to upload them. But ANYWAYS! =P Here's bits and pieces of my 2012 thus far. =)

Ching came back from Australia and brought these lovelies for me! hehe.. ^.^!!! I know i know i am so lovedddd! =)))))) Thanks Ching! I had a very good time with you that day even though it was only for a while. Wished we could've spend more time together.. I miss you already. =( 

And Besides being busy with my studies, I was also working. =)

I Taught Dance at the Follow Me company. Taughtt the KL headquarters. =)

It felt quite weird when they called me Teacher. hahaa.. felt so old.. =P
Me: *stun for a while* Ohhh Hiiii!

This is actually my 3rd year teaching them.. =) I must say, they definitely stretch my capabilities and bring me out of my comfort zone each time they ask me to teach and choreograph for them! This year, it was a much smaller group compared to the previous years. It was easier to coach and guide them. But we barely had any time this year! They called me so last minute this year. But anyways, from our last session on the 12th, they look pretty promising to me. =) They were so nice! after our last session, they brought me to Chilis at Empire Shopping Gallery for dinner! =)) Thanks alot guys! It was quite tiring to go up and down and have classes and then teach and vice versa. But I had a good time teaching you all. The commitment and effort you put in definitely made me proud! Regardless of what you'll get at your competition, To me, You've already won. =) I came in, looking for commitment and to see you putting your heart to it and that is exactly what you guys gave me this year. =) Jia You ah you all! Don't forget to have fun!

And Guess Who came back from Australia too?! =))

Aaron Dominic Ong Chai Hong! =PP
Your name so long laaarhs! hahaha..

I lovvveeee candids! =D

Went to Ikea! First meatball of the year! and first time trying their cheesecake! You hungry already? =PPP hehe..

Thanks alot for the great day! Its amazing how we got here and how we're still here! hahahaa.. What? 8 years? =) I had a really good chill day.. So nice to have a chill day when your whole week was just HECTIC *see i can pronounce* =P. HWHY HWHITE? hahahahahahahahahahahaha~ *sowee inside joke* =D

And Today! I got to see Jet,Victor and jess!
ahhh i missed you guys! 

Hahahah Jet your eyes! LOL!

It was good catching up with you Jet! =)

And then we had a 'surprise' for Jov's 21st Birthday! But it was a PHAILED surprise. hahahaa.. JJ U HAVE NO RIGHT TO BLAME ME! hahaha..all i did was replied.. T_T But anyways, it was so good seeing them again.. I really miss all of you alot.. alot alot alot alot alot.

So now, No more work, Just studies. =D

I've a dance competition coming up on the 19th of February and gila intense training shall start this week. We've what? a month till the competition? I really hope we'll win! Lets do this! =)))
I promise myself, that after this dance competition, I will not get myself involved in anything else. No work, no other commitments. Just studies. =)

Till next time!
Have a great week all! 
Let me just end with this quote by Catherine Booth.

" It is FAITH that brings power, not merely praying and weeping and struggling, but believing, Daring to Belive the written word with or without Feeling. "

Lord, I'm thankful that you desire to speak through me. Help me learn to depend completely on you and to trust you for the right words at the right time. Whenever I am in a tight spot, I know that you are especially with me then, giving me just the right words to say to bring your life, light and glory because you are the only one who can do this. Thank you for your wisdom and timing, which are always perfect.


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