Saturday, January 07, 2012

First week Done?!

Was that fast or was that fast?! Felt as if i just did the flash mob for new year's eve and the first week of 2012 is already coming to an end!

Accomplishments of my first week?

Well, One thing that i'm super proud of is that.. I THINK.. i have finally found my secret ingredients to staying super focused in PUBLIC LAW class! ahhhh! =D i always super down on fridays coz of public law lorh.. i feel so lost.. feel like im drowning.. feel so dumb. =.=! But i have found, my secret ingredient. Lets just hope it works even for next week!

I have to admit. I was sooo busy in december, soo exhausted that my attention span in class was quite low.. And no matter how hard i tried to stay awake during public law, i sure doze off 1-2 times lah.. =( But this week?! One whole strike, SUPER FOCUSED. So yeah, super happy about that! yay! =D!

And guess what? First week of 2012 and i'm already busy as a bee! I'm currently working and studying. I'm teaching dance. Teaching the "Follow Me" company to be specific. So sometimes, i teach dance in Subang in the morning and then drive back to KL for class. Or go to class and right after class rush to Subang to teach. So yeah, its been such a tiring week! The Jam drains me out even more i tell you.. But its alright.. I shouldn't grumble i guess. Coz not many get such opportunities. Though, it feels REALLY WEIRD/AWKWARD when someone 10-20 years older than me calls me, "TEACHER!" HAHAHAHA! Aiyooh! i always stun for a while then only respond to them. HAHA. When they see me, they go, " Hi teacher! " Me: *stun, Process* oh hi! =D lolllll!

But i should feel bangga in a way i guess. =)
So yes! Studies? Check! was a good week.
Work? Check! was good too!

Meeting up with Friends? FAIL. SUPER FAIL. haihs.
Wan Ching's back from aussie also i havent got to see her up till now. =( Sometimes i'm so busy till i dont even have time to call her back or reply her. feel so bad. =( Aaron is also back from aussie and i've not even planned a time to meet. Suppose to meet marilyn since last year till now also havent seen her. i think for at least 3 months plus edy..or 4.. or more! :O! and haha! yesterday, i was so tired, that i didn't even have energy to talk to my brother and it was only like 11pm plus! CAN U BELIEVE IT?! Celine Yap.. 11pm, battery flat! *No waaaaay~~~!*

AND. i starting to feel the stress of exams already. 10 May is the date! *Stop! shh! dun say a word~!*
10 MAY is NOT far away and "still long way more to go lah~" Not in the language of Law, No! So yeah, if i could, i'd stay back in college everyday till 9pm. But i cant. sighs. And i dont like studying at home. so cramp. =(

that has been me, eversince the year started.
And have u checked out my new songs?! Recently discovered Mat kearney, ben rector and peter bradley adams! they're so good lah! These kind of songs i like! Not much of the main stream person. So happy i found them! =)

*gasp!* 3am plus edy! Gotta wake up in a few hrs time! Bringing grandma out for breakfast and fetching her to do her stuffs. Then got dance prac for sunday's performance! ahhh goodnig..... Morning!


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