Saturday, January 07, 2012


Just watched this movie called " Our Idiot Brother "
Its about 3 busy sisters,with lives of their own and a brother who is stupid and naive but someone that has a big heart. He is easily lied to, cheated and believes people very easily. But thats the sad part, His big heart, his attitude of always wanting to help people whenever they need him despite how busy he is, when you need him, He'll be there, is always taken advantaged of. But regardless of how mean they are to him, he still loves them with all his heart.

You know, the plot is pretty typical but it is also a plot that shows the reality of families nowadays.

I just really hope that one day, when i am even busier than I already am with my career, i will not turn out to be like one of these sisters. Its really heartbreaking to see a family become so.... empty?

From one that is united, and one that is filled with love,respect,kindness,laughter and joy.. vanish into thin air because of time,money and selfishness. Money being the sole cause of fights between families are SO TYPICAL. soooo typical.. soo saddening. Fighting over money is just stupid lah. And then when they realize in the end that the bonds that they have are broken because of money can never be bought back.. they start drowning in self pity or regrets.

Too late.

My family is definitely not a perfect one.
We've had our happy days and our sad ones.
All families do. All families have their own set of problems.
I definitely miss the times when we were all closer and more united.
I miss the warmth and love that used to surround our family.
I miss the fact that we, The Yaps, we're always the family people look at and say, Wow. What a great loving and united family.

People change and situations change as time goes by.
But i know for sure that Family? family stays.
God given and something that money can never buy.
Something that is not of choice but is one that is to be treasured and held onto,dearly.

Things may not be how they used to be, but we're all still alive aren't we?
We're still a family and i dont see whats stopping us from being the loving and united family that i know we used to be and can be.

Cykm, dont you ever become one of those career first,money first,family second kind of person. Dont you ever.

I love you guys.
U too Jie.


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