Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Happy new year everyone!

I'd usually blog and reflect about the year that has come to pass or pen it down somewhere. but this year? this year i decided to make a video of my journey in 2011. =) all the pictures and videos put together. it took up alot of my time but i'm glad i did it. Cause not only i, but many others have smiled watching this video.

Last year, has been one heck of a ride!
One moment, flying so high, and the next moment, i'm falling faster than gravity.
But that is how my life is.
But despite all the times i've been hurt, pushed down, stepped on, let down, torn..
I am still standing here today, being a testimony to others.
I am still standing here today, being a blessing to others.
I am still standing here today, telling u how great my God is.
because I am still standing here today.

Despite all the tough times, I can tell you that i would not have want my life to be any different because all the challenges that i've faced have shaped me into the person i am today.

What my lil brother said is true. The video only shows all the smiles,laughter and good times i've had. Pictures and videos clearly do not show the pain one goes through. But then again, aren't the good memories the ones that we want to keep and hold dearly rather than the bad that should be forgotten and let go?

Thank You Pa and Ma.
For disciplining me, shaping me, guiding me into the person i am today. So i've heard, You've done a good job at raising me! =P

I'm sorry for keeping such a distance from you for all this time. Sometimes, i just cant help but stay away for my own reasons. I will not forget the day u helped me wrap my textbooks.

I'm sorry for being so cold to you so many times last year. I try really hard but whenever i'm about to be warm again, something just pulls me back and i instantly build a wall. i'm sorry.

Ban Ho,
I'm sorry if i've been selfish towards you or been too busy to spend more time with you last year. You know We could be twins if we wanted. Thats how close we are despite whatever. But as your elder sister, I'm sorry if i've ever been selfish towards you or if i sometimes gave u the impression that i care more about my friends. You know I love all of you alot.

Family, I cant promise you anything and i wont promise you anything because i believe actions speaks louder than words and only time will tell whether i'd be a better person this year. But for whatever wrong i have done thus far, i hope you will forgive me. The "im not perfect" quote is not and should never be an excuse for my wrong behavior. Though, i also hope that you will remember that I am only Human and there is only so much i can take at a time. I just want y'all to know that even though sometimes i may seem closer to my friends than to y'all, U will always be family and I will always love you no matter what happens between us. Theres still love, even in silence.

Thank you so much for all the love and care you have showered me with. For all the times you tried to cheer me up, for all the gifts,smses and calls, for all the support and encouragement, for blessing me by simply being part of my life. Each and everyone of you played a significant role in my life. You know who you are. =)

Without God, i definitely could not have got through 2011.

I look back, and I told myself,
I am happy with my Life.
Are you?
if you're not, why not?
My last question to you is,
What then, are you going to do about it?

Heres to a new year, heres to a better year!
2012, a year of change.


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  1. sister dearest,

    nothing or no one can replace the position you hold in my life today.
    you're special and beautiful in every way possible.

    i too want to take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness for the things i've done to offend or displease you. i'm really sorry and i hope you'd forgive me.

    here's to the new year - renewed love and mercies everyday, the very way He has taught us to. to closer bonds and to embrace change, only to make it better in any situation.

    i love you dearly, my only blood sister in the entire universe, from the bottom of my heart.