Tuesday, November 01, 2011

She's Back! :)

Hello all !

i know in my previous entry i said tht i wanted to stop blogging for a while.. and even now, i still dont think i'm ready to be back blogging. But something has happened to me.. something so amazing. And I'd be selfish to keep this testimony to myself. I cannot keep this to myself.. I want the whole world to know of what i've experienced.. and i dont know what you'd think.. but to me.. this is something really amazing.. =) and this is something i'd like to share.

The past week hasn't been the best week i've had. To be honest, the past week have been one that was really difficult, painful and .. it was just a really tough week for me. it really was. But let me just share with you, One event that happened.

On thursday, when i was working in SEGI college.. When i went to the toilet.. I forgot my phone was in my pocket.. and bent down and the phone fell right into the toilet. it was a squatting toilet. Yeah ok.. go ahead.. laugh. Done laughing? Okay. so let me continue.. =P ( terrible person! ) it definitely wasn't funny at all when it happened.. it really wasn't.. in fact.. it was so shocking.. that when i saw my phone falling in.. i asked myself.. " WHATS THAT?! " and after one second..when i heard the thing that dropped reach the bottom of the pipe.. i realized.. *GASP!* MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!! :O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a really shocking moment for me.. i couldn't believe what just happened! it all happened so quickly! and so.. i straight away asked one of the ladies from the office for help! And instead of laughing at me, she went.. "SHIT ok! " and she ran to the office and told another girl and asked her to call the maintenance people..but sadly, they were all out for lunch.. So yes.. the word spread.. so everyone in the office knew i dropped my phone in the toilet.. some laughed.. some just shook their heads. And the thing that kinda got me annoyed.. was the fact that everyone ... EVERYONE.. kept asking me what model my handphone was! Okay, i know thats like a normal reaction la k.. but still, me, being the sentimental person i am.. i couldn't care less abt the phone! ( i dunno la..it really showed me how materialistic the world can get ) when my phone dropped into the toilet, part of my heart dropped together with my phone as well.. it really did. i suddenly felt part of my heart.. stripped away.. just like that. reason being? I keep smses. i do that. and.. there are some smses that are in my phone.. smses that i can nvr get from people whom i used to be close to.. or people who are no longer in my life.. or people who are still in my life.. msges that i really treasure.. and the funny part is? i even keep sent msges! LOL. i didn't understand that part of me.. untill wednesday.. when i realized and finally understood why i keep sent msges. i was so happy when i finally understood why! and i was about to tell some of my close friends.. But right before i could tell them why, this had to happen. I keep sent msges because.. honestly.. i really go through alot.. and sometimes.. when i become sooooo down.. when there are times where im at my lowest point.. I tend to forget who i really am. Who i was.. before i got so emo.. and when i read back my sent msges.. these msges remind me of who Celine Yap was before all this emoness.. =) and so yeah.. u may find this strange.. but because most of the time i play the comforter role.. sometimes, i do feel as if i've no one to turn to. (but i know y'all are there for me! i know..) its just sometimes i feel that way. so yes, when i've finally understood why..and i actually felt really happy that i kept these sent msges.. it all got stripped away in a matter of seconds! my heart.. ahhh..pain.. =(

kk back to the story. SO ANYWAYS.. when the maintenance guy came, he used a torchlight and i could see my phone! so he locked the toilet door.. and put the out of service sign so no one could use tht toilet. And he actually went to the basement where the pipe was..and there was this hole.. where if my phone was small enough, it could come out from there. but suddenly, his boss came.. and he was like.. No la cannot cannot. sure cannot come out the hole is too small. then after a while..He said.. sorry la girl. it cannot be done. *My heart sank even further* "even if we got ur phone out, it'll be gone case edy. coz it's been in the water for hours already.." and i said.. "but its not the phone tht i care about.. its the things in the phone..like my contacts etc.." and after tht..he finally decided to help and said tht he'll get his workers to buy the clipper thing to try clip my phone out from the toilet and he asked me to come back the next day, friday. So yeah.. feeling so hopeless.. i prayed.

I prayed that i would get back my phone.. and i prayed that when i get back my phone.. all my smses..all my contacts..everything..it will be there. it will still be there.

and this time, when i prayed.. I chose to practice what i've been sharing with others. and that is to.. BELIEVE.. to believe in God. to believe that God is ABLE! ask yourself. How many times have you prayed for something but right after you pray, U doubt. U doubt tht whatever u prayed for wont come true? that it is impossible? you answer that yourself.

Like i said before in my previous entries.. If YOU yourself dont believe what you are asking God for.. What then are you expecting?!

This time, i chose to stand firm.. and believe..! no matter how impossible the situation may seem. i chose.. to Believe. and that is exactly what i did. when i went home.. and told a few people.. these were their responses..

" HAH?! tomorrow only take out?! Sure gone edy lor ur phone! Soaked in water for a whole day! "

Doubts came flying and rushing towards me. But i stood firm. and I believed.

The next day, Friday..
Went to SEGI.. they told me that they can only help me do it on Saturday. :O?!!!!!!!!!!
this time, everyone who heard, told me..
"Im sorry but u just have to accept the fact that your phone is gone. U really do.. U'll only get disappointed."

I stood firm. i REFUSED to doubt. i really refused to.

Saturday, the maintenance guy called me. His name is Syaiful. it wasn't his working day, but he chose to go back to SEGI and try to help get my phone out.. He tried with the clipper. but failed..it just couldn't come out. kept falling back down. so he went back to the basement.. tried to get it out from the pipe.. and in the end.. guess what he did? he cut the pipe to get my phone out. Now, ask yourself. Why would someone go through all these troubles just to help this girl who doesn't even study at SEGI college get back her phone?! and PLUS. its not even some chunted iphone blackberry ish kinda phone. Why? But he did anyways. and i got back my phone.

The minute i got back my phone, i opened it up.. and boy did it stink.! ya ya kk ewww la ewww la. Pfft.. then i dried it up with tissues.. and tried to use my kleenex wet wipes to kill bacteria and take away the smell. hahaa..quite fail la.. it still smelled. LOL. ANYWAYS.. went home, used the hair dryer to dry it.. left it there the whole day.. sunday, did the same thing. And i chose not to tell anyone about me getting back my phone. Coz i know when they find out.. they'd start doubting..and they'd start telling me stuffs to make me doubt. so i just kept quiet..and stood firm.

came home..told dad abt it..there was one of those gold thingy for the battery..it was sort of black..ish.. looked burnt..so did the golden thing on the battery.. but anyways.. Dad asked.. "Was it on when it fell in? " "Yes." "HUH..then gone edy. sure sot edy..If it can work, i'd be amazed! "

so i went and try..but before tht..he helped me clean the black part..with i dunno what.. and then..he tried to on it.. but fail. cannot on. i took another battery from my other phone and tried...First time he press..cannot on. I was like.. *Nonono it will work it will work..dont u dare doubt!* he tried..for the 3rd time.. AND IT ON! IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDD! i immediately took the phone..waited impatiently..for everything to load.. STRAIGHT AWAY WENT TO MY INBOX! ......................................... EVERYTHING WAS STILL THERE! IT WAS ALL THERE! =DDDDDDDDDDDDD =') u have NO IDEA how happy my heart was.. u have no ideaaaa! and guess what happened next? a sms came in.. and the sms ringtone (only exception) that i assigned was still assigned! it didnt change to some nokia tune! NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!????! i was SO HAPPY! i couldn't stop saying.. God is able God is Able God is Able this is Unbelievable! God is Able with God ALL things are POSSIBLE! i ran to my lil bro.. HUGGED HIM SOOO TIGHT! untill he was suffocating.. ran down to my grandma who kept doubting.. Told Her everything! And told her how i prayed.. what i prayed..and how i believed! And i told her how Great My God truly Is. =) (she's not a christian) And she agreed with every single word i say.. and she said.. i agree.. it seemed impossible.. it makes no sense for ur phone to be immersed in water for 3 days and yet, still work perfectly fine! it really makes no sense..

i drove right away to the phone shop to buy a battery. i was SO HAPPY.. i even told the handphone shop dude the whole story! =P even the phone dude said it was impossible that any electronic item could survive 3 days, immersed in water and yet can still start and function perfectly normal!

Anyways, friends, what i really want to share with you today.. is this.
When u pray to God.. when You ask God for things.. when You ask God for help.. Never Doubt Him. Never doubt what he can do. HE IS GOD. He is SOO big.. bigger than our imagination! We've no idea.. what He can do. We often tend to underestimate his capabilities.. and we often forget that He is God ! If whatever we pray for is according to His will, it will happen. I dont know when.. i dont know how fast. But if it is according to His will? Dont give up on Him. Wait patiently. and dont you doubt even for a second.


Even if my phone couldn't start, I would still be contented and continue to Believe in God.
Friends, God has plans for us. Plans to prosper us, and not to harm us.
Sometimes, things happen. And sometimes, we've no idea why it happened. But it did.
We'd never know the plans that He has in store for us.
If my phone could start, PRAISE GOD! if my phone couldn't start, PRAISE GOD STILL!

Maybe if my phone couldn't start, it happened for a reason. whatever the reason is, i may or may not find out. but one thing is for sure.. I know.. that My God may let me stumble.. but i definitely know for a fact that he would never let me fall. I know that My God doesn't plan for bad things to happen to me. but i definitely know that he can take those bad things and turn in into something so great and so wonderful.. beyond my wildest imaginations.

Thats how Great My God is. =)

Our God never fails.
His Love never fails.. unlike love among Humans.

I'd like to end this entry with this very special song..

I have been listening to it non-stop. From the things i've went through in the past week.. This song really touched my heart and it really comforted me. alot... When i was singing this song at the Planetshakers concert.. i found myself in tears.. in pain.. hurt.. broken.. at the start of the song. But at the end of the song? I found myself smiling. =')

This has definitely been a blessing to me.
and i hope it would be a blessing to you as well.

I just thought i should really share this testimony with all of you.
I've been sharing this very message over and over.. and now?
I have experienced it myself.

Our God never fails, His Love Never Fails. =)


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  1. that's great dear :)
    btw, we've been singing this song in church too, very nice and annointed.
    thanks for sharing, love you <3