Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1. if u dont trust me, why bother asking me?
2. Why do you have to let it linger?
3. i take back wht i said about christina perri. A thousand years is awesome. :)
4. Without You by david guetta and usher is so nice. Totally felt the song the 1st time i heard it.
5. Journey's faithfully is soooo touching. The boyce avenue cover has been on replay!
6. I have been under SO MUCH STRESS. D:
7. sometimes i feel like i cannot afford to fall because there will be no one there to catch me. i know i have God. but lets face it, humans need other humans no matter how tough we are.
8. i really needed a friend on friday. Sighs. 11.11.11
9. Was so busy hosting friends from overseas..
10. With You~ Shawty with You~~ Under the Miseltoe.. =) Stupid line stuck in my head the whole week! hahaa.. Justin Bieber's Miseltoe. =)
11. why... why.. why... but i know why. but why? =(
12. i miss kim alot.
13. i decided to go for prom. Still dont know why i'm going though.. =/
14. ='(
15. My car has been breaking down like no ones business. in the middle of the highway also got. *headsdown*
16. I am only one person and I can only do so much. for the past 2 weeks, i felt like i've been torn into a hundred pieces.
17. Took a week off from the internet last week..
18. Not performing in malls this December. Gonna be a very different dec! thought i'd be free this dec, but i thought wrong! LOL. SOOO BUSY with SOO many other things! ahhh..~
19. I could use a very long silent hug.
20. i've been having trouble sleeping. =( i can lay on my bed for few hours before i can finally fall asleep. and after a few hours, i wake up. =(
21. yats. tnod og.

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