Sunday, April 03, 2011

Money isn't everything.

As i sat in the coffee shop this morning, feeling upset..and angry..
i started observing my surroundings because i had nothing else to do..
and i didn't feel like eating.. and it was so hard to smile..or put on a normal face.
i was frowning, like how a little girl would. 

and suddenly, a father and his daughter caught my attention.

She was probably around 5-7? no idea.. but she was a lil girl.. she tried opening the can drink, but it was too difficult for her.. and so she asked her dad for helped.. and while her dad was opening the can drink for her.. she waited excitedly and kept smiling from ear to ear. she seemed so happy! and was like *heheeeee~!* kinda face. LOL. on her wrist, she had a row of colourful rubber bands.

And after drinking her drink,she took out one of em from her wrist and started playing the guessing game with her dad. u know the game? where u had to choose the right hole?? haha i've no idea how to explain this game to you. but its a really old school-ed game. ie: u put 3 fingers in the rubber band. both right and left. this is hard. LOL. ANYWAAAAY. its something i used to do alot last time.

At first her dad didn't wanna play and guess.. but in the end he did. and he took the rubber band and played with her.. and let her guess instead. and i just watched them play and u know.. it just brought back alot of memories and alot of realization and thoughts to my mind..

its so stupid to fight over petty things. one of them? MONEY.
people always say money makes the world go round yada bada bla bla.

but seriously? Money isn't everything. 
its nothing if your relationships with your family friends boy friends girl friends relatives are crap. especially ur relationship with God.

Actually, what is life to you? working working working studying studying to earn alot of money money moneyyyyyy and MONEY. is that all? yes, it is no doubt that money is part of survival on earth. but it is definitely not EVERYTHING. it is definitely not the only thing that life is suppose to revolve around.

what is the meaning of my life if i had billions of money but a whole lot of broken relationships? 
it means nothing. and i am absolutely nothing without God in my life. 

what is my purpose in life?
and is money more important than my relationship with my family members?
no.. no it isn't. i dont wanna fight because of petty things especially concerns money. it is plain stupidity. seriously. gahhh.

and it is frustrating when ppl assume tht it is because of money that u are upset.
like i said again, money isn't everything. 

Sigh but anyways, i had a good message in church. coincidence? i doubt so.
when i went to church, the sermon was relating to my situation in the morning.
when i read the bible verse the pastor asked us to read out..
i felt so shocked.. felt as if God was talking to me directly..

but yeah.. to all my brothers and sisters in christ out there..

How is ur current relationship with God?

has He been replaced by the stress at work, studies? exams? boy friends? girl friends? family members? friends? hobbies? gaming? dancing? music? bands? facebook, blogging?

has he been replaced? Has He become ur last resort? ur *i'm free now! lets talk!* ? have ur walked with God become a sunday routine thing? is He not the center of ur life anymore?

coz if it has, u shud really start thinking about how ur gonna change this situation..
remember, God gives. and He can take it back as well.. whenever he wants.
and i'm not saying u shud put Him as number one just so that ur life will be a happy and smooth sailing one and so that He wont take things or people in ur life doesn't work that way.

But i guess, we should really try not to forget Him whenever things are going well for us and only remember Him when we're having problems. i mean, put urself in His shoes. if u were in tht position? im sure u wouldn't feel nice either.

especially if u rmb Him only when u go to church on sunday and the rest of the week, u live life as if u nvr went to church and then become oh-so-holy on sunday again. i mean, whats the point? who are u trying to impress? or bluff for tht matter? i dont get people who go to church as one person and become a completely different person the minute they step out of church.

contradicting much? hypocrite much?

it is hard i know to follow.. and we do make mistakes..we do go wrong at times. but i guess what matters is about getting ourselves back on track, onto the right path again. and not stray even further.

and just like every other human, i'm trying.


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