Sunday, April 03, 2011



Today was a super tiring day! but i really enjoyed my day! hahaha.. had to wake up super early for dance class coz Celica and katoon network had a competition to go to in the noon.. so yeah morning class for the whole of april.. then i had lunch with lil bro and headed to college. TORT CLASSSSSSS! T_T 2pm-7pm which only lasted till 6pm actually. hee. we all brain dead before 7pm. ANYWAYS!

guess wht happened to me? i tried to avoid the crazy jam at brickfields caused by inconsiderate people who double parked and caused alot of jam lah! so... i made a u-turn, realize i was heading to federal highway which i tried to avoid but made ONE wrong turn and ended up on federal highway anyways. T_T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! so headed back to CHERAS .. AGAIN! OMGOSSSSH..can u belive itttttt?! the highway leaded me all the way back to tmn connaught there till i can finally make a u-turn to go back to kl sentral.. MOUUU AHHHHHHHHHHH~! T_T passed the cheras tol 4 times. for nothing. ohh man.. i ws so happy ..everything so relaxed and all.. everything going smooth till i made tht wrong turn. NYEH. so i traveled from cheras to kl sentral to cheras and back to kl sentral. how funnn! =.=! its okay if the car im drving is like.. NORMAL lah u noe? but the car im driving is like.. on the verge of dying but i have to use it still anyways to get around. NOT FUN. not fun. but anyhoo.. i emo-ed a while ni la.. when i manage to reach coll and find parking i was kinda okay d la. also, my lil bro made me cheer up abit..

like, after i made the u-turn to go back to kl sentral, i ws about to use my own money for toll again..and suddenly he hand me money for the toll so that i feel less crappy? hahaha.. it was a small amount but it meant alot to me la. =) its lil things like these that i appreciate alot. thanks alot ban ho!

so yup, during class i was okay edy. LOL. my classmate even said " i dunno why, but u make me feel like ur very small girl today.. " then he went.. "Awww mei mei~! " LOL! =.=! hahaha..maybe coz i was very hyper in class and kinda sot.. okay la.. mayb i'm sot most of the time..when im in my normal state.. or if u haven't experienced my sot-ness.. i guess u just dont know me well enough yet.? =)

but it was good. and after class, drove bro and myself to curve.. waited for mum to finish work and went for durian with parents! =D! DURIAN BUFFET MIND YOU! :D! hehehe.. ;) and yesssss! i ate like ALOT! more than my mum. and dad declared me the daughter of the king of durian aka HIM! lol! he can eat one whole basket of durians lor! IM SERIOUS! he's a crazy big fan of durians! LOL! but yeah that was my dinner and i'll be needing tonnes of coconut water and cooling stuffs after this.. dont wanna fall sick coz of durians now do i? =P

my mum bought me super pretty dresses today! =) 3 of them!
ahhh..=D =D =D so NOW. i dont only have 5 new bracelets from Sabah and keychains..
but i also have 3 new dresses! i reli reli weally like em! =))))))
AND. hahaha.. she randomly came home one day with futsal shoes for me and benroy! LOL!?
yeah she bought futsal shoes for benroy and i..coz they were on promotion..
and she thought we may want i have a reason to play futsal more frequently. =))))))))))))))))) i only played futsal once! haha.. =P


i know i do. =)


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