Thursday, April 21, 2011

AiJoh! =P

Soweeee that i've been MIA-ED for so longg!

its just been a really busy month! test every week for diff subjects and my business mock exam is coming up next week! PLUS.. presentations and all the revision to prepare for my finals.. its crazy la! aihs..

but thats life. THO. im really glad that i still have a life la. LOL. ohh maaaan... so many of my friends started their lifeless studying mode edy.. maybe i should too.. but then.. again.. i always remind myself that studying isn't the main part about life man.. so many students nowadays study like its the only thing to achieve in the world and the most important thing and like.. they study till studies can become the death of them.thts just so scary la!

Maaaan...i dunno how they do it.. =S

its good to some extent, bad to some extent.

then again, different people have different ways of looking at life.

Alot of things has been going on.. and on 14 april i think my car brokedown..and i had the crappiest day la i tell you. Sighs.. and im so sorry CHUA CHI WING. that i didn't wish you and i honestly admit that i forgot. My day was so crappy that  all i wanted to do was to go home and sleep. =( and it didn't pass thru my mind tht it was ur birthday.  =( sighsss.. felt so terrible.. and few days before ur bday  ws looking at the video tht we took when i planned tht birthday suprise for you..

miss those times. sighs. =(

hope u dont stay mad at me. =S

anyways ya lah alot of things happened tht day felt so teruk.but i'll tell u more abt it in detail next time. kinda need to slp soon. then wht else.. besides exams stress... and test and exams going on..

i guess got alot of other stuffs regarding friends and family that have been an issue..
but i guess its always like tht..sure have probs with friends or family at one point of time..
and confusion about whether i should stay or go..

okay not making sense. but yeahhhhhh.. since now i dont have a car anymore.. mum had to follow dad out to work and kesian her lor. she reach work so early and come home so late. sighs.. =(

and i've been reaching coll at 8am like tht or later sumtimes..but in the morning la.. and go back late after dad finish work coz i come and go with him.. so have to follow his timing.. but anyways i kinda like it this way. more time for me to study.. bt everytime i reach home i feel really tired edy.. so yeah..

reach home, either revise or do notes.. then no time to go online.. or rather too tired to stay up to go online. =P im actually zombie-fying edy now.. HAHA.

and i've alot of pictures to share with u lah! =)
im not all emo only k. i actually happen to have a happy life as well. =D LOL.
im blessed la. i really am. =) its unbelievable and rare to have such friends and family around me.such caring and loving friends.. seriously..

anyways lately, i've been pretty disappointed abt smth..
actually its been going on for a while.. but i guess it finally got to me..
or finally sank in yday.. and i felt really down..

but then again, i felt really happy for some reasons as well.. as i was pampered with chocolates and gifts! =P
edwin brought kit kat for me! =DDD and kim bought for me after tht also! HAHA.. and today Louis bought me Kit Kat also! =DDDDDDD yessss! i super love Kit Kat k.. =)))))))) it can make me really bubbly and happy. hehee... i become a 5 yr old again everytime i eat kit kat.. ^.^

its so yummyyyyy~! =))))))))))

then at night mummy came home and passed me two boxes wrapped up in present wrappers.
and she said.. Nah.. Here is ur early birthday present and here is ur early christmas present!
i was like.. O.O! THATS REAAAALLLYYY EARLYYYY! hahahahahahaha.. and i tore it open like a little girl.. and ahhh I LOVE MY PREZZIESSSS! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

she got me one lovelaaay purple dinner purse and one turqoise handbag! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD! ahhhh! felt so happyyyy! hahahaa.. maaaan! =)) cant stop smiling! =P and u noe wht? i realized tht i'm really not that into accessories, shoes, clothes, BUT... i'm really into BAGS! =) YES! IM A BAG PERSON! hahaha.. i just love getting bags lah! i realize tht im extra happy when i get bags compared when my mum bought me earings necklaces or shoes.. yeah.. haha.. i have always loved looking at bags.. all sorts. handbags to bag packs. even though i may already have bags i still like to look at them.. and all.. heee. =)

definitely not a high heel shoe person.. not a shoe person..=P
anyways kay la.. just wanted to update u briefly.. of how i've been.
so many birthdays have passed and birthdays are still coming! rawr.. banyak nyerrrr!

anyhoo! i shall update properly one day when im free-er! finals on the 27th of May.
dont play play edy wei. =P


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