Friday, January 04, 2013



Before the year ended, i was pretty emotional.
Emotional as to the state of the relationships tht i currently had with the people in my life.
They weren't bad. But they weren't good either. They were okay.
And it saddens me to see how good.. became something tht was just merely Okay.

"At least they're still okay..just accept it..."

I don't want to. I wont settle for just, mere, Okay.
I guess.. it was due to me being so busy..too busy to catch up with everyone.
I was too busy for myself, actually. AND. too busy for God.
What more the people around me?
and prolly also coz some of them were too busy for me as well.

I basically felt pretty crappy.
I felt like a loner.
Alot of people and friends on the surface but empty and alone inside.
That was how i was feeling.. hmm. Coz i felt i generally had 'okay' relationships with EVERYONE.
Literally, EVERYONE. But i once used to have really good and precious relationships with these people.
I wanted it to go back to Good. I didn't want to settle for okay.

So anyways! yes, theres a happy ending to this sad entry. lolol~
I've been trying my utmost best to get back tht 'closeness' that i once used to have with these people.
And it has been going rather well.. =)

U see, no matter how close you are with someone.. no matter how effortless it may feel sometimes, no friendships or relationships.. NONE.. can survive without any effort being put into from both sides. Yes, it takes two to tango. So yeah, i really treasure these relationships i have with people.. i really do.. and whenever something goes wrong with regards to this, it can bring me down pretty easily.

But yeah!
I chose to do something about it and lookie lookie.. =)
Anyways, classes are resuming tmr. can't believe how fast time is flying. Before you know it, it's gonna be suffer period for me again. 129 days left till my exams.

"Wow , thts still quite far away.. "

What nonsense. Have u tried studying Law?
but yes. *seriously*
No time to play no time no time!
And i'm excited to put up more videos of benroy and i , since he's like.. a total bummer right now.. free from spm and stuffs.

Share with you a resolution of mine, I shall.

To sleep by 12am everyday.
yes. *omgosh big change for cykm* - totally.
but i'm trying to stick to it so! hee.
we'll see.

Here's to a healthier and better lifestyle for 2013! :D



  1. one fingersnap, 50 days gone.
    another fingersnap, another 50 days.
    a wink, another 50 days.

    poof 150 days gone.

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