Sunday, January 27, 2013


I always evaluate my life from time to time.. i think we all do.. no?

but anyways.. ever since i was young, whenever i saved up enough to buy a specific thing, i'd think, What's next?
And then i'll save up for tht and the cycle repeats itself.

I always ask myself a few questions and you know what?

I concluded that I am, at this very moment, Contented. =)
I have almost everything that I've ever wanted.. everything i chose to save up for, i have them now, in my hands. =) My dance life.. it is heading towards a direction i thought i could only dream of. But God has blessed me in so many ways to lead me to where i am today.. =')

I have God.. I have my family.. i have good friends..i have TRUE friends.. I'm on my way to getting a Law degree.. I have my own car that's in good condition.. I have a nice room.. a nice and comfy bed to sleep in..I am healthy..I have a job..

I am.. contented. =)

Even though i've yet to find that special someone to share my days with.. my ups and downs, the tears and smiles..

I still do believe that God's timing is always..ALWAYS..perfect.



  1. Indeed! His timing is the best!

    Still waiting though... not getting any more patient. hahaha~~

    1. hahahahahaa.. i knowsssss.. =S

      Same here.. *looks around* =/
      but i guess, it's like how food taste so much better when we've been hungry for quite a while..waiting and waiting.. =P hehe.


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