Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am once again, racing with time.
I always try to keep my commitments to a certain limit..
But i always end up really busy even after limiting my commitments.

How does tht happen?!

But it does.. somehow..
Anyways, How am I? I'm good.
I've been falling sick quite a lot recently though..because of the weather being all PMS.
And i've had really bad insomnia issues for the pass month..
The kind where you're really tired.. you try to sleep at 12am.. but u end up rolling around, tossing and turning till 6am and before u knw it, ringggggggggggggggggg~ U're alarm clock rings and its time to get up. T_T yes, THAT bad.

and it's really frustrating because i'm soo tired.. but my brain just won't rest. =(
And so, i suffer 99 during class.. i dont even know how i drive sometimes. =.=!

all is well now... i think. :D
i've been able to fall asleep recently.. much easier.
gosh, who would've ever thought that the simple ability to fall asleep with such ease would've been such a blessing? Another lil thing in life that i've clearly been taking for granted.

Sides that!
Am currently working / studying.
Super broke this month due to z responsibilities and expenses u occur when growing up. hahaa. yess... car road tax insurance bla bla bla. Cost me a bomb this month... =/ This ish called growing up! Yes, i take care of my own car expenses. The pros and cons of having ur OWN car. 
I'm teaching dance, btw. =D
yeshh.. i teach on an ad hoc basis. =) coz i dont have the time to commit full time or on a weekly basis. So i teach for particular events or projects, etc. Those one off things tht would require like 10 sessions or smth. =) so yeah! this is gonna help me big time with my finances this month and for the next. =P

On another note, 
been thinking lately a lot about promises and words.
People tend to make promises they know, they might/would end up breaking.. but still, they make them anyway. People tend to say words, they don't mean.

I'm the kind of person, who takes both words and promises pretty seriously.
If i don't mean something, i rather not say it. EVEN IF, me not saying it, would hurt you. I would rather hurt someone with the truth, than with a lie.
But when i DO say something, i stick to it.. no matter what.
If i say i'll always be here for you, i will do so.. EVEN IF.. u start treating me like crap and all.

Many people, they're only THERE, for someone.. if tht someone in return, is there for them. 
They're only there for someone, if they want something from them. Be it love, benefits, etc.
They're only there for someone, if that person treats them good.

People change as time goes by.
I've experienced alot of  "i will be there for you.. always. " But most of the time, they dont actually mean it. Be it a friendship or as lovers.
Of course, i know, that sometimes circumstances arises that would cause them to break promises or go against their words... but i guess recently i've been realizing even more how ...

TOO OFTEN..too often people say things they dont mean and make promises they wont keep.
They do it without any remorse. 
" Heh, What are words nowadays? They're just words! it's nothing! i'll just take them back lah! "

but oh nonono. Call me old school but, there IS power in the spoken word. It carries great weight. it does.. 

but ahh, who am i to control or decide how people should view promises and words?
Guess, everyone is different.

annddddd.. i have no time to continue.
Gotta run to see the aussie girl! =P

till next time!

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