Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Truly, a Year of Change.

At the beginning of 2012, i told myself that this year would be a year of change.
And indeed, it has been a crazy year of change!!


HyperActive Zone was formed in February.
Us @ the Hyper Street Dance Competition. :)
Our first competition together!

Suffered like crazy from March to May.
I finished Year 1 of Law School! :DDD!!!
And then had just 3 days, 3 days, to practice around 14 different routines..formations and all for the Genting show! 

The first time HyperActive Crew performed together. =)
Thus, the birth of HyperActive Crew! =))
was there for a whole week.
And it was a really crazy week! never danced so many times in a row before!!
Super tiring.. but it was all worth it!

Genting was the period where we started getting fans from all over!

Had the opportunity to get to know some of the members from Katoon Network btr.. =)

Ber-bonding moments in Genting.
Precious moments that i'll always keep close to my heart. =)

Genting was definitely a stepping stone for all of us! =)
Had good fun performing 4 times a day for 7 days in a row~!

Another significant highlight of May? =)



My first overseas trip! Ever! 
My childhood dream come true! All those years of saving up.. finally turned that dream into reality~!
Childhood dream come true!!!!!!!!!!
Childhood dream come true also!!!!!!!!!!
Craziest morning ever!!! One of my best memories in Perth! DOUBLE RAINBOWS! thats a first for me!
The beach and double rainbows on one side!
And an amazing sun rise on the other side!!!!!!!!!
Something money could never buy!
Would never ever trade this experience for anything else... =')

Best beach i've ever been to! EVER!
carved this out.. =)))
First time riding a camel! :D!
They held a BBQ just for me and benroy!!

Super adrenaline rush~!!! was crazy driving through the bushes!!!

Superb dinner at Miss Maud's!!

Perth.. probably one of my biggest highlights for 2012 ~! 
A journey i would never ever forget... =')


Second chance trip with my bestfriend!!

Toto and chaichai~! our new friends from Shang Hai! =)) 
Ohh pretty butterfly~!
Moments like these with you are the ones that i would never trade for anything else.
new friends!!
My first time trying asam laksa~! The best as well! Kek Lok Si Asam Laksa~! *drools~!*
Didn't know such places exist in Malaysia~! so pretty!
Awesome durians! Ang hei.. and.. smth else. lol~
Too precious. Too beautiful.
Our new friends from KOREA! :D!
Like, the best pizza ever?!
Picnic. Sunset. BestFriend.
New friends!!
Check out The sexiest car on earth?! haha..
The one they used in The Dark Knight!!!
Us at Penang Bridge. =)

My first trip with z Bestfriend and z Twin~!
Unforgettable~ =')


Went back to visit my homies!!! :)))))

My Meimei~! =))

Childhood friend! =)
Favourite boy~!
Bestfriend from Highschool~! =)

HyperActive started performing alot August onwards!!


Then i got my results in September~!

And praise God for such Good results!!!
Family brought me to Chilis to celebrate! :))))!

And ooop! Not forgetting work! Can't just spend, You see. =P


More performances!! More dancing! And and and.. jeng jeng jeng~ The month the 2s came in and the 1s left!!! =)))
HyperActive @ Street Challenger!
Guest performers! =))
Katoon Network =)

20. =)

More performances by HyperActive! =)


I got received an award at a Graduation Ceremony for being the Book Prize winner for Common Law Reasoning! =) What an Honor! 

All Glory Goes to God!
Couldn't have done this without His strength and wisdom!

much loves!


HyperActive Dance Concert 2012 !

It was, definitely a night to remember! =)
We practiced hard and long for it.. and i guess, it all paid off in the end!
Really touched by all my family and friends who came to support me.. =')
Thank you all so so much. You guys drive me when i go through tough times!
Appreciate each every single one of you!!

Yay! Finally get to go to Cameron Highlands!! =)))
Went to the camp as a Facilitator and as a Dance Instructor. =)
Jungle trekking!
Can u believe it? Celine Yap, playing football as z Goal Keeper with.. probably 17 guys.. ! hahaha. This picha was taken when i saved 3 goals! And no.. they didn't go soft on me just coz i was a girl. Sakit Doh! but ..hehe.. bring it on!!! :D
And the Facilitators won the campers!!!!! BOOO YEAAAAH~!!!!!!
Yeahhhh~! Managed to save every attempt!
Sooooo proud of myself! hehehehehe~ :D

My team! All the Facilitators! hahahaha~!

Had sucha good time in Cameron. =)


My beloved Cellies!!!
Amma's Birthday!!! =)
The amazing 12.12.12 with my girls!

Shooting and Practice for z Majestic Circus!

Dad's side!


My friends got into ABG's finals! So i went to support em at z finals! =)
they (School Brotherz) got second place.. but still super proud of them!! Was sucha close call!!
Proud of y'all Ronald and Dylan! =)
Congrats once again guys!
Not easy to climb all the way to the top with just 2 people!
U did Good!!


So yes, totally didn't plan to upload any pictures at all into this post. But it ended up becoming this really longggggggg entry. haahhaa. But i guess it'll be nice, even for me, to look back at all these highlights. =) Like i said, 2012 has truly been a change for Me. A big big change. 

Both Good and Bad.
But I choose to look at the Good in Life.
These are just some of the big events or highlights of my 2012. But there were many little...little moments in my 2012 that summed my 2012 into a year i'd never forget. =)

Alot of my dreams came true this year. Alot of my wishes were answered.
I finally got a car that i have been saving for since I was 15 years old!
I finally got to go to Australia, the country that i wanted to visit so badly as a Kid. Well, coz of them kuala bears and kangaroos of course! =P Been saving for it! and finally, the opportunity came when Air Asia had those cheap flights thingy.
Performed in Genting! Was quite a big deal for me! Because i've always heard stories of my friends performing there and all..and this year, i got to experience it myself!
Found a crew that I could really dance with and stay with. Was one of my wishes to Perform more and to join more competitions this year!!
I got my first smart phone as a Birthday Gift! :O
Not forgetting an awesome trip with the bestie! FINALLY.
and everything else!
and recently.. I had the opportunity to answer yet, another wishlist of mine!!

I've been saving for a DSLR for a long time now. =)
U guys prolly know how crazy i am when it comes to photography. =))
And so! an opportunity came to me on the 26th of Dec! Friend bought the camera for his photography class in uni.. and after one month when he was done, he no longer had any interest to continue photography..and so, he decided to sell his Nikon 3100 to me for a really really good price!!! :O! Yet another opportunity, given to me.

To be honest, all these things that i've got, all these wishes answered, it all came true because doors opened up for me. I waited.. and slowly but surely, it came to me in the end. And hence, why i believe that Good things come to those who wait! And this i know is true! =)))
I Am Truly Blessed.
Wouldn't trade my Life for any other.
Wouldn't want to be anybody else either.

Just wanna say THANK YOU.. to each and everyone of you who played a role in my Life in 2012. You guys made it a year to remember... =')
Super duper much muchs Love!!!

Memories will be made. Memories will always Linger in my heart and thoughts. But i will look forward and brace Myself for what 2013 has yet to offer!


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