Saturday, December 22, 2012

A month ago?!

Hello people.

Yes, an update! Finally!

I've been wanting to update this blog for a very long time..with pictures and all.. but i've been extremely busy..its quite crazy how busy i've been in these pass few months...

So where did i left of? Yes, The HyperActive Dance concert!
I would upload pictures.. i keep telling myself that i will update when i have the time to upload all the pictures along with the post.. but i guess i'm just too busy to do that at the moment. SO.. here's a brief update. =P
Coz some people keep complaining about my blog being dead! hhahaha.. But yeah, a month is quite long for This blog. =P

Anyways, the HA concert was a success! T'was indeed an awesome night!!
We had a super duper long day. We barely had time to rest.. or make up, etc. We were just so busy practicing and practicing. We practiced really really hard for this concert. The turn out was great! it was overwhelming.. =') Was so happy to see all my friends, family and fans there. =')
Thank You all so much for coming!!! :))))

And on a personal note, i went home, with no regrets. Didn't do any mistakes.. managed to conquer all the difficulties and challenges that i was facing.. The concert was smooth sailing for me. =) It was a happy night.. All my hard work and effort, it all paid off!
It was a night to remember. =)

Right after the HA Concert, i headed to Cameron Highlands for 4 days to teach dance in a youth camp. Held the dance workshops and was a facilitator at the camp. =) It was a good 4 days.. tiring as well tho..and challenging..because i was so bz with the HA Concert, i only got to meet up with the camp committee a day before camp. And i had to choreograph 4 different routines in 4 days..on the spot itself.. to cut the songs..choose the songs and choreograph. So it was really challenging.. really tiring.. and really rush! But i managed to get it all done i guess.. otherwise, i met some new friends.. it's always so nice meeting new people.. =D and it felt kinda weird being back at this camp as a dance instructor and a facilitator when i used to be a camper myself. hahaa.. How time flies. But anyways, it was a nice get away for me.. Even though i was still pretty busy there.. i guess it was nice being closer to nature..away from the city. =)

After Cameron Highlands, I was pretty busy spending time with my family.. coz i've been MIA for so long.. and sissy came up to KL with the nephew and niece as well.. so brought them around and stuffs. =) Matt (friend from Aussie) was in KL as well.. infact, he was here even before the HA concert! i guess u can prolly imagine how busy i was.. Of course, i wanted to spend as much time with Him whenever i can coz he came all the way just to spend time with me and a few others.. but i had dance pracs at the same time.. so yeah..pretty crazy. Anyways, sissy left, matt left, but Shelley (Matt's sissy) came to M'sia right after he left. So another 2 weeks of touring and food. (fat fat fat~) T_T On top of that, I was still having classes. Yes, classes. How u tell meeeeee.?

I just started me holidays! =) Today is my first day of hollie actually.. =)
So yeah.. and oh! i was suppose to perform on christmas eve for this project and big event called the "Majestic Circus".. was suppose to held in KL Live.. and so i've been really busy practicing for it.. Pracs have been pretty cool tho.. coz we were practicing with quite a few of the top top dancers in Msia.. was really cool getting to know each of them better,hang out and all.. Yes indeed, Blessed I am! :D

but it got canceled due to some issues. D: sad sad sad~ was really looking forward to it. We were just 3 days away from it. =( but oh well~ so yes~ less things on my mind now, since hollies have begun = No more classes. Plus, hmm, prolly no more dance performances with HA till next year.. Only dancing for christmas day in church. :D *yes, non-stop dancing, somehow,somewhere,all the time~!*

But i've been so busy, definitely gotta use this 1 week to try to catch up with whatever i left out in my studies i guess. It's always easier talking abt it, but i'm gonna try my best to do wht i can with the time i have. :)

So excited! can't wait! i got all my christmas gifts wrapped, all my handmade cards, DONE!

Required alot of time and effort.. in some ways, money too.
But i've always been a gift person ever since i was a kid! I loveddddd giving gifts.. but of course, i love receiving them as well! =) So yeah! Exciteds!!!

Also, december has been an unbelievably expensive month for me. =(
So much costly expenses... Haihs. Some not so happy expenses too.. =(
But ah well. Suck it in. This is Life. ;) money comes and go.

OKAY. So.. i am.. super tired now. hahaa. So much more i have to say!
but i guess i should really get some sleep~ My body is starting to reject my bad habit of being nocturnal. =P



  1. Sounds like you've got a full life!
    Dont worry about the blog. Live your life. It's more important. The blog can wait. =)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. hahaha.. true that! Then again, when you have friends all over the world.. scattered, blogging becomes a pretty important thing.. well, sort of. haha.

    Merry Christmas to u too Jarod! I hope u had a good one.. =))


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