Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Work work work!

My habis kerja face! Sho happie!
No more 3M fair! :D
Hey guys! it has been a while.

I've been so busy with work..
I wake up really early and sleep really late. I leave the hse very early and come home very late.
By the time i get home, i just dont feel like doing anything else.

Sho tired! but i always end up sleeping really late. there was one day where i had only 3hours of sleep. So standing for 12 hours after tht was really difficult! lesson learnt. or maybe not? :P hahaha.

But yeah! i've been doing roadshows and all.. but the annual 3M fair was definitely a walk down memory lane. I really enjoyed the Julie's roadshow. SO FUN! :D didn't feel like work at all.. The Mentos one.. was only fun for like.. 2 days. hahahaa..after that i got really depressed selling z 3D Gum. haha. like so pointless. and ppl kept putting their camera in my face with the flash without asking me! how rude! Pfft. but there were nice people who asked first.. so i had to sell, AND take pictures with alot of people coz they were soooooo fascinated with my purple hair and almost all of them thought it was real even after pulling up my purple hair and looking underneath for any black hair. lol..

YES. my purple hair was fake la. hahahaa..so many people thought it was real tho! because..apparently, it fits me well! hahahaa... but yeah.. my happiness and excitement for that Job only lasted 2 days. x)

3M fair started on the 4th -6th. I was suppose to carry on with the Julie's roadshow. But after my good performance last year for both the 3M fair and the Scotch Brite roadshow.. I've gained favour in the eyes of the big bosses in 3M. So they made sure my boss put me in the 3M fair and the Scotch brite roadshow. lol..unfortunately, i'll be heading another roadshow this year which clashes with the Scotch Brite roadshow..so 3M fair was a MUST! for the clients. So yeah.. was pulled into 3M fair at KL Sentral.. AGAIN.. I am honestly not a fan of working at KL Sentral for the 3M fair.. aihs..whats worse? this year there was only Scotch Brite to sell. No post its.. no Nex care.. just Scotch Brite.. and boy was it depressing.

it had its pros and cons lah..
It is actually pretty difficult to sell such items in KL Sentral. A place where everyone is rushing for time. It was definitely a challenge.

*saved as draft, continued like.. today.. on the 17th of July. YES. i was THAT busy. haha!*

But when you take up such a challenge and try to put your convincing skills to practice, You actually get more opportunities! ie: people giving you their business cards, etc because they like the way you can sell/convince people to buy.

So that was one of z perks of challenging yourself to be the best and to do the best in whatever you are doing.

I honestly did feel very happy when people bought just because of my effort or just because i passed their test and managed to answer all their questions that they threw at me without warning. It is pretty satisfying to see all your effort and hard work, bearing fruit. It was good to know that i could actually build my connections by doing such jobs. Mmhmm..

But other than that, it was during the Mentos roadshow and the 3M fair that i realized how selling is no longer my cup of tea. Makes me wonder if it ever was to begin with. Hehs. But the Julie's roadshow was pretty fun though. :) Quite motivating. hahaa. Somehow, we were all really motivated to work for the Julie's roadshow. Wonder why. haha..

So yesh.. there you go. My work experience for z summer hollies, thus far.

no more selling for me for now. I need a break from selling.
Now, i wanna give.. give give give giveeeeeeeeeee~!


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