Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It is well, with my Soul.

On Sunday, we sang this song in church and the message and story behind this song really hit me.

Horatio Spafford, he had it all going for him.
4 daughters,a son and a loving wife.
Successful lawyer. But it all went down hill when his only son died at the age of 4. There was then the the great Chicago Fire which ruined him financially.. business burnt down and all. They planned a trip to europe. Sent his daughters and wife ahead as he got delayed by his business probs.

Wht then? the ship they were on had a collision and all 4 daughters died. Only his wife survived the tragedy. As he was on his way to meet his wife, he penned this song/hymn.

" It is well, with my soul. "

After such a tragedy, one after another, He could bring himself to write a hymn of praise to God and to say that It is Well, with his soul.

Made me question how strong my Faith in God is.

Would i have succumbed to all the pain,anger, despair and start playing the Blame Game?

I like to put myself in the shoes of others. I tried putting myself in Horatio's shoes. Would I be able to do the same thing as Horatio did? Would i still love God regardless of all that has happened and still sing songs of praise to God? Would i still stand firm in my Faith in God?



That was tough. Of course, right now when my life is Good and all, i can easily say, no, i will not blame God, i will still continue to stand firm in my Faith in God. It is always easier said than done. What would i actually do if i was in Horatio's shoes?

Honestly? until and unless i am ever put in such a spot, i would never know.
I may be strong in my Faith now. But what about then? Would i be strong enough to hold on and to trust God? I can write a poem now, saying how i would never blame God because i know that He is God and He will do things according to His will, whatever they may be. But look at Peter. Look what happened to him. He denied Christ 3 times.

Anything can happen when you are caught in such a situation.
But instead of waiting for that time to come, if it ever comes, in whatever way, I want to be prepared. I want to be stronger than I currently am in my walk with God. I dont want to wait till the very last minute to find out whether or not i am strong enough. I WANT to be strong enough. My Strength comes from God and not from me.

In my life thus far, i realized how less-tragic things can affect me so much. Ie: getting rob twice in a year, having horrible car breakdowns, constant ones i may add, having sick family members at the same time, etc etc. You name it. I remember how ANGRY i was, the second time i got robbed. It was so frustrating, i could not have lifted up my hands to God at tht very moment and praise God for being so merciful for sparing our lives. I could not. But now, if ever, if ever i was put in such a spot, i would want to be able to do so. In my darkest times, i want to be able to still lift my hands in worship. I want to reach that point where I can say " It is well, with my Soul " regardless of all the bad things that are happening in my life.

What about You?

This song really reminded me how things of the world.. including the people around you, their body, our bodies.. it is nothing but mere dust. Are you right with God? Is it well with your soul? Or are you just trying to finish your Life on earth and that is it, end of story?

Are you living in the world, or of the world?

I believe that everything has its time and place. Be it your career, the search for your Purpose of life/in life, or finding Mr./Mrs Right.

All of these will come along in His time.
Try taking things into your own hands, ie: rushing into relationships and you'll find that Mr.Right at the Wrong time is as good as him being Mr.Wrong.
And that is why i will wait on You, God. More than the watchmen waits for the morning.
I choose not to succumb to the trends,pressures and wants of the World.
The most important opinion of you should be God's opinion of you.
Are you right with God?
You're not? then what are you waiting for?!

*bimbo tone* Like, Seriouslayyyy?

:P haha.


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