Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have been... SO BUSY!

I hardly have time for anything else! haaha.. My journey post exams has been carazzzzieeee!

Genting - Perth - Work -- Penang -- Dance Performance -- Johor -- Super Big Show/Dance Performance -- roadshow -- Parade of Schools (EMERGE 2012)

those are just the main stuffs.
but yeah.. schedule has been SO PACKED! 

And if you are wondering, Penang was great! 
The Bestfriend and I went to Penang before with seperate groups and it wasn't a very pleasant experience. The food i ate was so not worth eating. haha. No offence. So the both of us decided to give Penang one more chance and to go together instead, this summer. So off we went to Penang for a whole week.

Z Verdict?


we two have a totally different perspective and view of Penang now. We really like Penang now. I Penang nice food expert jor! *wink wink* come ask me if u wanna know! I will not membesar-besarkan all these nice places! WHY?

according to the locals, once a particular stall goes famous and all over the internet, their standards ALWAYS drop. According to the locals la. so these nice makan places shall be preserved by yours truly! and i shall do as the locals say! :)

So in short, Penang has been redeemed by them loyal,proud and semangat penangnites! Well done! U have successfully changed the minds of two KL-ians to adore Penang. Not only food, but the people especially! the community! They are so nice..! i hope KL ppl will be like that someday. What a nice community to live in. :)

and next time we go back, it would be a hiking trip! ;)
Right after i got back from Penang,after me touch down, Celica picked me from KL Sentral and we headed to z performance place rightaway! learned all the new changes made to the routine in the car ride. Hahaha. gosh! you have NO idea.. how tired i was! after the performance i was super zombified edy ok! But it was fun performing with HyperActive again. hahaha.. famiweee! :))) 

got home around 12midnight plus.. packed for JB and hit the road the next day and headed down south! and now, here i am, in JB as promised, JB-ians! hahaa. Mans.. i have not travel so much in a year before! I must say, though i really dislike the whole packing unpacking and packing idea, i shuperrrrr like travelling! especially all the people u meet along the way. :) it is nice. I like it. :D

After this JB trip, it is back to reality! No more hollie for me.
Have to sort out all the roadshow stuffs.. still so unprepared. sighs.. so much issues still and it is suppose to start on the 23rd. Pfft.. 

and.. this coming Saturday, it'd be a super duper wooper crazy Saturday! WHY?
because... *drumrolls~~~!* HyperActive will be performing along side KTNK and ECX! *gasp!* STRESS OR WHAT?! and if you dont already know, KTNK and ECX are the 2 crews that alot of people in the dance world in M'sia look up to! they are like.. at the top, up there! So even though sangat stress and pressured! I am excited! it is an honor. It is an opportunity that I will grab and embrace! *inhales* I can do this! we can do this! :)) EXCITEDS! :D tickets sold out already though. =( 

Sides that, it has been really great catching up with all my friends from all over! FINALLY kan? hahaha. and ohhhhh! I'd be really busy with pracs for the upcoming Parade of Schools in EMERGE 2012! :D Parade of Schools? apa tu? 

it's basically cheerleading la ok? but more chun! got more dance/stunts/ etc la! so its technically... not just cheerleading.. its like......... the evolved/more advanced kind of cheerleading? i dunno lah ok! hahahaa. so hard to describe. =.=...

but yes.. i'd be busy with that to! i can't wait though! been 3 years since i've last joined POS. Can't wait to see whats in store for 2012! exciteds! :)) yes laaaa.. i cheerlead before okay.. =/ Dont laugh.



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