Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Kah May,

I know you are angry, i know you are upset, i know you are frustrated,fed up and tired. The thought of just having to start all over again is already tiring enough. But i guess, in the end, life on earth is only momentary. All these things that you have on earth will be stripped away from you in the end anyways. What you have on earth is great. But whats in store for you in heaven is even greater. I also know that you lost things that you can never get back. But at least u had it for a period of time. Eventually, it would have goteen rusty/spoilt/become old/ugly/not usable. etc. One way or another, you were gonna lose it anyway. Its just a matter of time. I guess, what would help now is that for the pics you lost, just take it as those pictures never existed anyways. I know that even if people tell you that you can take new ones, those pictures you lost could never be replaced. but i guess that is just Life. Sometimes in life, you'll just lose something or someone that can never be replaced.And like your E63, man.. you worked and taught dance to earn that phone man.It wasn't easy, but i guess its no harm doing it again. If you could have gotten tht phone by working for it and earning it,whats stopping you from doing it again? Your camera.. aiks.. thats like the most sam tong one among whtever electronic stuffs tht u lost. But oh wells..step by step again lorh.. it was a good camera eyh? Haihhs... things come and go. People as well. so like last time huh? You're gonna get back everything but this time, even BETTER. And the Ipod? its okay. you have a phone that can play music so its ok i guess. tho i know! i know.. that purple ipod was just so pwetty.. =( Well, all these things that you lost, you were fine and well and okay and living life like normal before you even had them. So.. i guess you should be just fine living without em again. Yeah? ... Yes i know, especially you're super sister keychain that Nick bought for you from USA,the Kennedy Space Centre. You really loved and treasured it so much. But like Nick said the night before you both got robbed,

Nick: "You dont deserve this Super sister lahh.."
You: EH! wht u mean?! Hmmph!
Nick: "You should have super 999 sister instead! =) "

so i guess, you losing it means you REALLY DO DESERVE super 999 sister! lol.. =) You're wallet.. it was tearing and was becoming worn out. you had to replace it sooner or later. and those things in your wallet like the souvenirs from the aussies and your baby photo. Yes i know, people may laugh when they hear about you being sad over losing your octopus,your ducky,your frog string,your baby photo.. all these things,for some, they may think.. Aiyaaah! then they start laughing coz its small stuffs and all. But we both know how much and even more these lil things mean to you than the E63 you lost or the ipod that you lost. Cause thats just you, you're a very sentimental person. well, all i can say is that at least you have a memory of it and how it looks like. and we all know how good your memory is. =P you can even rmb conversations that you had with friends years ago! you can even rmb what they we're wearing! Crazieee... =P. So yeah. At least.. AT LEAST.. you know these things will still be with you in your mind and heart forever. Like what Aaron.O told you.. He has never seen a person so strong,like You. And that they may steal you're things and valuables and treasured stuffs.. but they can never steal Your Strong Spirit and Determination away from You! And that is yours to keep for Life. So press on dear girl, for you know you have many friends and family by your side that are ever ready to help you out and support you all the way. And most importantly, you have God.

It is time to close this chapter, and to move on to the next one.

With Love,