Friday, November 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces Of My August. =)

Matt's first day in Malaysia 2010! yep yep! My friend here, Matthew John Waters from Aussie came to visit! first met him when a whole bunch of the mesmurdie highschool came to visit. =) Jann picked him up in 1utama. and we went to welcome him. =D

While he was here, we just hung out alot. hahaha.. and as usual, VISITING ALMOST EVERYWHERE!

and i FINALLY tried the footfish spa for the first time! =P

Damn ticklish lorh! hahahaha... but it was a great experience. i actually took a video. haha.. gosh, dont u just love videos even more? i know i do. =)

Central Market. =)

And heres my twin.. =)

Haha.. Kimberley Ong Jing Ling.
Moments with your bestfriend is ALWAYS precious. =)
for me, at least. :)

This was one of our study moments together at centrepoint. =D haha. was this the day u appeared in newspaper as well? cant rmb! hahahaha.. we went to centrepoint and then back to curve so many times before! =P

Spending break time with mummy. =)

its been a while! =P

=D hahahahaa...


hahaa yep! i know i know u can get this here in the stores. but it is different really when it ws actually brought here ALL THE WAY from aussie. =) its the thought tht counts! hahaha..

See the amount of plastic he used to wrap the honey? hahahaha..
thanks tonnes matt! =)

and it was tht one sunday where things were so complicated! ahaha.. had to settle alot of things tht day. BUT. glad i managed to settle things. and the day ended with everyone satisfied and happy. =)

yep! baseball at 1utama! =))
steady k! i managed to play even when i ws wearing a skirt and heels! =P

posers! hahahaha..


hahaha.. looking back at these pictures really puts a smile on my face.. =)
now you know why i LOVEEEEE taking pictures so much?! haha..

and i won tickets from HITZ. to watch the premiere of THE EXPENDABLES.
watched the premier at Sunway Pyramid.. =)
along with Jov and JJ! =)

Wasn't a fan of the movie, but definitely loved the company.. =)

The last day Matt was in Msia before he went to visit other parts of Asia!
also the day i bought me and Kim our teddies!
aren't they just SHO ADORABLE?! hahahaha...


Kim's Birthday pressie and.. a pressie for myself as well? =P

YESH. i was reaallyyyy happy i bought em! hahaha..

and matt got influenced to liking purple too! NYAHAHAHAHA! =P

Carls junior's fries are tasty! =D tho wendy's can totally compete with em. hahaa. they're both rather alike.

And no, he didnt eat anything spicy! it ws just.. sweet n sour if i recall correctly. hahahaa..

Jan and Qian =)
and and and i realized smth! matt's eyes has like.. this hole when he closes his eyes! hahaa.. d'you see it?!

=) we were waiting for time to pass. hahahaa..
we then attended a fashion show tht jan's friend invited us to at THE LIBRARY in Midvalley. =)

This is what matt looks like from my angle. HAHAHA. he's just tall.
aint me! =P

and how i look from matt's angle. LOL.

Shoe Fashion Show. =D
tho i didnt really enjoy it.
but it WAS my FIRST time attending any fashion show.

coz the fashion show ws kinda .. i dunno. we just didnt get to really spend time with matt, so after the fashion show thingy we went to PJ HILLS =)

Inhwan! a friend from Korea.
this was like.. a Friday before he left on a Sunday to go back to Korea. :(
But it was good really! had alot of fun! and we watched dispicable me! hahahahahahahaa... THE SMALL GIRL SUPER CUTE LORH! always puppy face-ing! and keep making me go "Awwwwwww....!" and i totally Owned him in DAYTONA. ;) hehehee..which cost him to buy me popcorn. =P

Yep! at Midvalley, again. hahahaa..

It was a great hang out. too bad we couldn't have more of em after tht friday.

And on sunday!
He gave me this! hahahaha.. its JAPANESE Mochii, Made in TAIWAN, but he bought it in HONG KONG! hahahaha.. 3 countries. Hmmmmmm... =P

hahahaha.. super lil captions.
why? IM SUPER ZOMBIE-FIED right nw!
hahahahaa.. after blogging my previous entry i started uploading all these pictures. xD and guess wht time isit now? ITS 4.16AM! hahahaa.. crazieee..!

time ALWAYS fly when i blog.
tsk tsk tsk. =P
hahaha .. so yesh..!
this was my August. excluding Kim and Karyn's Birthday suprise!
i took, TONNES. of pictures. hahahaa..
i should really learn how to blog only certain pictures huh?
i ALWAYS end up uploading almost .. ALMOST all the pictures i took! =P
i did try blogging.. in a style where one event, theres only like 3 pictures or smth. BUT I JUST CANT! hahahahahaa... im bad at choosing the BEST top pictures. =P

coz i love all of them pictures!
hahaha.. for me, every picture, is different in its own ways. altho, it may seem the same to you. hahaha.. AND WHOAAAAAA.

my mum just came out from her room to ask me to go to bed. O.O she's having trouble sleeping coz i made coffee for her earlier on. =S (she asked me to make for her)

hahaha. okokok! before she comes out again. =P


PS: i really think deepavali this year was like more happening than merdeka lorh! hahahaha .. the number of fireworks itself is proof. ;)


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