Sunday, November 07, 2010

Got Robbed. Again.

yes. i got robbed.. for the SECOND time this year. I lost everything.. AGAIN. but this time, i cried so badly. Though i lost more in the beginning of the year when i got robbed, i did not shed a tear.

but this time..
i cried. so badly.

its nt so much abt the things i lost.

anyways, everyone keeps telling me..
"those are material stuffs.. at least you are okay."

I know. i know i know i know i knowwww...
but i'd appreciate it if everyone could stop reminding me of wht i already know.
i appreciate your care and everything.. i really do.

but its just that.. this time i cried so badly coz of 3 things.

1. After i got rob for the first time and lost the most in the hse.. i told myself that im gonna get back everything i lost slowly.. but surely.. and this time, even better. i was almost there. i was half way through.. but ITS JUST SO FRUSTRATING WHEN UR HALFWAY THERE AND YOU GET PUSHED BACK TO THE START. AT SQUARE ONE. ALL OVER AGAIN.

i just feel so frustrated. so fed up. so tired. ='(

2. It wasn't my car that got smashed, but my friend's. I KNOW. everyone keep telling me that its not my fault. BUT IT IS PARTIALLY MY FAULT. for being so stupid. and careless. for not thinking twice. if i hadn't tumpang my stuffs in her car, theres a high possibility that her car wouldn't have gotten smashed. i feel damn bad okay. and I KNOW. learn from my mistakes. i knowwwwwww.. but i just feel so damn bad kay.

3. There were things that i lost that were things i can never get back even if i had all the money in the world. Special things from special people that means alot to me. things that i treasured ALOT. things that meant ALOT to me. Things tht i looked at and tht made me smile. Memories tht i can never get back even if i wanted to buy em back.

I know tht you'd tell me tht i can create new ones.
But you get me dont you?

you get the feeling of losing something you can never get back.
and for me, these memories tht these things tht i lost means a whole lot to me. if you know me well enough. you'd understand how super sad i feel. how pain my heart feels.

i've felt tht twice thrice this year. and its really killing me inside.
it really makes me so so very sad. sighs...

its gonna take me a while to recover.. AGAIN.
Im okay. So dont worry.
thanks for all your care and concern.
it means alot to me. But i hope.. after reading this..
you'd understand where im coming from.

and atm, my family isn't doing very well either.
plus, today's my mum's birthday.
and Yes, i've not told her anything. I ate and celebrated dinner with her during her break just now. and i just dont wanna spoil her special day. and it breaks my heart to have to break the news to her in a few more minutes when she gets home.

why? ask me personally and i'd tell you.

please do message me your contacts if you think u know me and i had ur contact number yeah?

thanks alot yeah.


Thanks Alot Andrea,Qian,Andrea's friend and Nick.
for being there today.. for helping me n nick out..

Nick, im sorry that we had to get robbed together. =( Haihs.. but i wont forget today either. We ran Terry Fox Run together. and if this hadn't happen, it'd be an awesome day. I had a good time. 1437

Andrea, im sorry that ur car got smashed. =( pls let me noe. im serious.

Qian, thanks for sending me home and just being there..

Andrea's Friend and qian and andrea, thanks for treating me and nick!

Thanks. Everyone else who gave me a hug and made me cry even more.. thanks for caring.

i really appreciate all.

and most of all.. Thank You Lord for keeping us all safe.


Here we go again.

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  1. im sry to hear tt sweetie
    im glad u're fine too.
    God will give u new & better things!
    cheer up
    u have me :)
    tc dear. dont be upset for too long