Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sleep Deprived like no ones business! :O

Hey dear readers!

I have been soooo stressed out and tired the past 2 weeks! Busy busy bee! 
Good news is, One of my major events for december has come to pass! =)
yessss, the christmas party is now over and now, I've been busy preparing for the upcoming dance competition/performance at my Uni's Gala Night this thursday!
Time is flying like *swwwoooooooshhh~!* the wind. ANYWAYS! in case u are wondering how the christmas party went, well, apparently it was a big success! Thats what others have been telling me. =) But i'll blog about it in detail when i get them pichas. =)

Yesterday, I went for a family dinner at Desa Parkcity's Secret Recipe.
Dinner with the uncles, aunties, cousins and grandma.
Compared to our previous dinners, this was how it looked like most of the time.

Yupp.. how most family dinners look like nowadays.

What happened to spending time with people?

what happened to dinner like these? 
I miss it.

People nowadays spend so much time on things and less on people.
Shouldn't it be the other way round?

Call me old fashioned.
But up till now, i still believe that it is common courtesy not to use any of your gadgets when you're at the dinner table. even if you were waiting for your food to come and you have nothing else to do.

Anyways, Grandma became hypoglycemic the minute we reached the restaurant. The minute stepped out of the car, she suddenly felt all dizzy and sick. She took insulin before we left the house but i guess she waited too long before she took food in. She was feeling very sick, moody, hungry but no appetite. At that point of time, she needed loads of attention. She did get alot of attention, but only for a while. It was quite difficult. We tried to order coffee for her, but she still felt dizzy. We asked her if pasta would be okay for her and she said okay but after taking the first bite, she rejected the pasta immediately. She said it taste weird. We then asked her what she wanted to eat, she wanted mash potatoes, So aunt went out to buy mash potatoes because secret recipe didn't serve mash potatoes. Aunt came back with the mash potatoes, likewise, after the first bite, she pushed it aside and shook her head from side to side. Cousin bought her sweets. Those sweets to soothe her throat and idk, they thought letting her eat sweets would make her feel better and maybe stabilize her sugar level. Long story short, it was quite difficult to find out what she wanted and all and we all really tried our best to find ways to make her feel better but none of it seemed to work.

After a while, most of them felt fed up or maybe annoyed.
I didn't say much. But i just tried to understand her. Kept checking on her, asking if she wanted anything else. To be honest, i couldn't really enjoy myself or take my eyes off her. I kept checking on her from time to time. Seeing her so sick made me really worried. That kind of feeling you get when you want to help someone but you just dont know how to. I took an opportunity to get away from the table and went for a stroll around the park. Ahhhh... I just love walking around that park. I just feel so at peace when i'm there. Even though i was alone, it felt really good. Having some time alone, some time to myself after all the hectic and busy days/weeks/months i've been having. That park holds alot of memories.. both happy and sad ones. But i still love the place alot la. My getaway place. =)

Anyways, i quickly went back into the restaurant before ppl started looking for me. Haha.. After a while, when nothing seemed to work, i took her out for a walk, to get some fresh air. And to my surprise! despite how painful her leg is when she walks, she felt better! =))) was so happy when she started talking more..and asking me if there was any suitable food for her that she could eat. Which meant her appetite was back! =) I then was reminded of something that i've realized before.

As Kids, we're usually all sulky, we constantly need attention, we constantly need the care of people, we constantly need to know that we are loved. We're picky. we get upset easily. we throw random tantrums. 


Dont you think both kids and old people share quite similar characteristics? 
They're grumpy. They're so sensitive. They're picky, they just want things to be how it has always been, they dont like change. they throw random tantrums, they need to know that they are still loved, they need to feel loved and cared for all the time, and they need alot of your time and attention.

Why then isit okay for Kids to do it and not for older people? If Kids get all the attention they want, Shouldn't we give more attention to our grandparents/parents when they're old and grey?

Its like a cycle. u start out like this, and you somehow, end life like this. You start with diapers, you end up with diapers as well in the end. Just that, you've bigger diapers. =P I dont know lah.. It's just sometimes quite sad to see how people tend to see older people as a burden when they start to become dependent. When they can no longer live life independently. When they constantly need your time and attention. This is the time, when they need us the most. But sadly, most people leave them when they need us most. Dont get me wrong, i'm not saying that it is easy to take care of them, take care of their feelings. its like taking care of a really really big baby and it can become really frustrating at times. Especially for people who are very busy and filled with responsibilities. 

Dont only look at our grandparents la. Look at our parents. Even if they're only at their 50s, trust me, they start getting all sensitive and all even at this age. Sometimes you feel like, Aiyoh, You so old edy still wanna act like a small kid. GAAAH.
But i guess this is just how life is. Really. Dont you think so? 

Things i've been pondering on.

AND yes. I have been VERY VERY VERY MUCH SLEEP DEPRIVED! it's scary. Because even my lecturers are noticing how exhausted i look/am. Haha.. my criminal law lecturer kept asking me " You okay? " ever since last week! And i am so tired that it takes me hours of effort before i can finally bring myself to bathe! LOL. the minute i reach home, i died on the sofa. slept for an hour, woke up, *go bathe go bathe!* walk upstairs, died on the sofa upstairs. After a few hours, wake up *omgosh go bathe laaa~!!!* go into my room to take clothes, die again on my bed. hahaaa... MY GOODNESSSSSSSS! i'm so tired that i keep falling asleep wherever i go. And i am not proud to say that for the pass 2 days, i've been so tired to the point where i was on the verge of dozing off while driving. VERY DANGEROUS I KNOW! and that is why, i forced myself to take a super long nap just now. Slept from 5.30pm till 9pm. So happy, finally got to reach home while it is still bright today. And i'm gonna try to sleep before 1am later. which means, in another 42 minutes! =P Yeah, very serious edy. Tired to that extend. Very bad very bad. So anyways, please continue to keep me in prayer. I've still my upcoming dance competition, my cg's christmas party, my church's new year's eve dance, and the long awaited HUGE camp! =D i cant wait for the 17th to come. I'll be more free after the 16th. cant wait! i hope i get to have more time to myself after this week. 

And nyahahahaaa, i cant wait to see me on tv this saturday. =PPPP


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