Monday, October 24, 2016

So what's next?

Hello World~!

Happy to say that I am now officially, an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya! After years of law school, I am finally a lawyer! =)

To be frank, I actually enjoyed my pupillage/ chambering. I really did. Maybe because it was all new to me. I was learning new things everyday be it as simple as binding bundles of documents, highlighting relevant portions of a judgment or even drafting pleadings... submissions..

All in all I would say that it was an experience that I would choose to have even if I had the choice not to. I learnt so much in just these past 9 months. It was really cool applying whatever that I learnt in law school to practice. So that was really cool, to actually draft affidavits which I read so much about or even experience trials.. to observe how the senior partners in my firm handled themselves during cross-examination and so forth. I got to appear before judges in different states for case managements.. went for a criminal watching brief.. volunteered for 14 days at a legal aid centre, providing legal information to those who needed to be empowered with their rights or access to help..saved lives by helping teenage girls find shelters for emergency abuse situations..

It was great exposure for sure and it made me realize towards the end of my pupillage, the kind of things I look for in a work place.. what i like, what i don't... I got to really understand myself better and confirm a few doubts that i've always had.. you know, clearing the 'what ifs'. I definitely had my late nights in the office, stuck behind bundles of documents.. moments where I really questioned my presence in the legal field.. but like I said above, overall, it was a good experience. =)

So what have I been up to since pupillage ended? RESTING, for sure. Managed to pack in a holiday or two during the past two months.. but seriously though... the people around me need to CHILL. One week after pupillage ended, so many people were asking me whether i've found another job, whether i'm going to start working again soon and all.. and you know what i realized?

I've never actually, really, just... taken a break.. whenever I was on school holidays or semester breaks, I would be working my butt off to earn that extra income.. since I was 15 years old. Same old story every single time I get a little time on my hands.. and the past 9 months was no walk in the park. In fact, we weren't entitled to take leaves and applying for a medical leave was a HUGE task.. so much so, you'd rather just go to work sick instead of having to go through the whole tedious process just to get the Bar Council's consent of your medical leave. So the first thing I wanted to do the minute pupillage ended was to catch up on some sleep and just... REST.

And this is the first time i've decided to make a conscious effort to just slow down... take a break... breathe a little.. and just take my time to decide what's next, where to next and etc. I don't want life to just pass by without me realizing what's going on.. I want to live, life. I don't want to just go through it. You know what I mean?

I would LOVE travelling the world right now with all this time on my hands. Unfortunately, the bank account isn't too fond of the idea. Haha. But hey, we make do with what we have, right? =) So no pouting.. no complaining.. but i'm just going to take one step at a time.. have little joys here and there.. wherever I can.. but as usual, most of my time has been taken up by people, mostly. Catching up.. especially since I'm not the kind to meet a whole bunch all at once.. I prefer meeting people one on one.. at a more personal level.. those are the ones where I usually feel that hey, that was a good catch up session =)

Other than just chilling, i've been able to earn a little, here and there from actually FUN, ad hoc jobs. Haha. Ahh.. if only I can end up doing something that I actually enjoy whilst earning a steady income.. that's the dream. *dreamy face* But yeah, as much as I want this break to go on for a longer period of time, thankfully, i've secured quite a few interviews in the time to come.. and I guess we'll see where life takes me next. =) But I'm choosing not to stress about it.. to just take one step at a time.. to really be sure, that THIS *whatever it may be* is definitely what I would like to do, next.

We'll see. =)
Till next time,



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  2. Russell4:03 PM

    seems like such a long break though time is PRECIOUS

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