Wednesday, April 09, 2014


How do we keep ourselves away from disappointment? Could we avoid it? Dodge it? Is it even possible?

One might think that locking up ourselves and isolating ourselves from the world would do. As long as I'm no where near nobody, I would be safe. Safe from any hurt. Safe from any possibilities of disappointment.

But then if u think about it, one can also be disappointed without even having the need for another person to do anything at all! And that's just it. You're disappointed because someone had omitted themselves from doing something u wish they would have. Like caring.. Making up for their wrongs.. And etc.

So how do we escape disappointment in life? Or is it just inevitable?

If you're hoping for some conclusion and solution at the end of this post, I might have just disappointed you, because I don't. ( ohh the ironyyyy. ) but yeah. I too am puzzled.. Walking through this maze.. Finding a way out but I just can't seem to see the light at the end of any tunnel at this point in time.

I had experienced so much disappointment in a row.. In just a day.. And I am struggling to find my route to recovery.

Where do I go from here?.

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  1. Disappointments are inevitable. How we acknowledge disappointments, are completely up to us. We can sit and mope about it, or we would get up, brush off our asses and say, in a minute from now, it's a brand new beginning. It's not easy, but trust me, when you start to program yourself by thinking like this, life is such a beautiful thing.

    Do not, for even a second, think to yourself that there is a place or thing that's safe from disappointment. Well, there is. That's in Heaven. But till then, you're on earth. Live life to the fullest that you can and don't let disappointment bring you down. You have a beautiful smile. Keep on smiling, because life is beautiful. :)

    We all feel disappointed by different people and things every now and again. But we also have a lot of things and people to feel grateful and express happiness towards. :) Just be happy! <3