Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Because You have to make them see what they cannot.

I've been pretty stressed out lately because of my party preps and a few other issues.
Party is in 11 days! :O oh boyy how time flies!

Yet to get z deco, catering, contact the baker.. and that's abt it i guess.
Little but still very vital things.

Anyways, been really stressed out not solely because of preps. But more so because of the realization about how sad the people around me are or have been feeling due to whatever reasons they may have. And it makes me sad as well.. and I do what I can.. and I do what I do best, being a friend that's always there.. a listening ear.. a shoulder to cry on.. arms to comfort.. and my two cents worth of advise.

But i can only do so much and sometimes, I can't help but feel helpless.
I wish I had the power to make everything alright..
But reality is often not so kind. Sighs. =(

Hence, i do what i can.. with the hope that it is sufficient.. maybe not adequate.. but the least enough to help them get through this tough and rough period.

So many, one after another.
And it breaks my heart as much as it breaks theirs.
But yeah.. I can only do so much. =( Haihs.

Anyways! party party~ can't wait. Nervous yet excited!
Can't believe it's October already!

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