Saturday, October 05, 2013

1 week to go! :D

Hi people!

Here's me, reporting to you, in a pretty sweaty condition ( because i just worked out =P ) and probably, a lil smewy.. but ahh who cares anyways. It's good to have some stinky people in your life every once in a while. =P haha.

So we're a week away from my Birthday and how's planning going?
Well, I guess quite a lot of the main issues are pretty much settled..
Ie: the venue.. the theme.. time.. date..

Where as for the food, i've been trying to find a suitable caterer for my party over the week, but to no avail, didn't succeed in finding one. HENCE, i have decided to cook for my own party! :D
I know it sounds pretty suicidal.. but i figured. with the amount the caterers are charging for basic food like fried rice, mee hoon, etc, i could provide more yummy food for my guests if i cooked. Then again, the only problem that i and many of us are forever facing, would be that of Time. T_T

As you probably already know, I am.. a busy busy bee. Especially so when I have a party to plan and prepare for! I have yet to shop for the decorations, parts of my costume for the night as well as z ingredients. And oh! Guess what? i have decided to design my own cake.. I thought of baking my own cake as well, but that is probably not the best idea now that I am already going to be cooking for my own party of 50 people and more. SO, i would be ordering a plain cake and I will be designing it with the things I love! :D What a dream cake it would be! Heee. :DDD

So yes, Cake, Food and Decorations to be settled.
As for the food, i have gotten a few friends to help me out and so they have totally help eased the burden by a tonne!

Really excited about this party and yet, really nervous.
Before i rush off to class.. yes, class on a saturday till 7.30pm,
I'd like to share with you a sentence that has touched my heart and made my week.

When i talked to david about cooking for my own party, and sought his opinion if he thought it was suicidal, he offered immediately, without me asking, to help cook carbonara and mashed potatoes.. and said..

" We're going to your party for You, not for the food. "

And it may seem like a normal, simple sentence to you, but it definitely reminds me of how blessed I am to have so many good friends around me. And of course, a supportive family. =)

Also when I was talking to Dylan about surveying the prices of Helium balloons, he had already done so without me asking. And told me where it would be cheapest to get them. =)) I feel so loved and touched! ='))

And how my siblings are calling me or performing for me in my room to ask me if i thought it was okay for them to perform these items at my party.. Practicing few weeks ahead..

I am Blessed.
Very very Blessed.


Can't wait!

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  1. WAH! You are really an all-in-one superwoman juggler!
    All the best with the party! =)