Friday, September 06, 2013

Back from Europe! =)

Hey peeps!

It's been a gazillion years! :O

If you didn't already know, I was MIA due to me hollie in Europe for a month! =)
It was amazing travelling around Europe with my one and only twin and Bestfriend! =)
An unforgettable experience, a priceless one.

So yeps! Got back just a few days ago and I've been trying to reset my biological clock to Malaysia time! haha. mannn... that has not been fun. Nuh uh. Not one bit. Been having serious jet lag issues since the 1st. Sleeping time pretty screwed up.. meal times.. but i think i'm almost there! haha. Coz i finally had some proper rest yesterday night! Contrary to the pass few days.. sleeping at 7am.. even though i tried sleeping at 2am.. haha. Rolled around till 8am. T_T

But yeah, ever since i've got back, been back to my crazy busy life.
Had a lot of things to get sorted.. have not even unpack! haha.
And Final Year of Law School is already starting in 2 days time!
Time flies! :O

Also, my timetable for final year.. will cause me to miss all 3 services in my current church.. =( and so, i would prolly have to attend another church for the time being. It's pretty saddening for me to do so because i've just started serving, recently, in my church's worship team. But now, with this timetable, prolly have to back out for a while. =( Sighs. oh wells.

And anyways! gonna be working at some big shot politician's wedding tomorrow. =P
Workaholic? Maybe. =P Just maybe. haha.

But it'll be my first time working along side a wedding planner!
So that is going to be pretty interesting! :D
Can't wait! =)

I shall update you peeps about z Europe trip soon!
but till then! I hope all of you are well and Happy.. =))
I know I am. =D


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